the Aigrette: the missing link between “Tiaras” and “Trianon”

REVEALED!: the missing link betwixt the “tiaras” and the “Trianon” that makes this blog’s theme a bit bipolar.  The aigrette, by almost everybody’s standards, does not count as a tiara at all; is more like a grandiose barrette. The aigrette is a bejeweled ornament made to hold a spray of feathers in a lady’s hair

for those of us who don’t care to read, video of the tiara-thon!

Well, you can’t understand the commentators, but you can see all the tiara girls swaggering in. and here’s part two, complete with royal fanfare.

Queen of Denmark Celebrates; Tiaras Abound

                                                                               Yes, I am aware that Margrethe of Denmark celebrated her 40th year as Queen with a Ruby Jubilee  gala at the Christiansborg palace about four months ago. But the display of tiaras was staggering. Let’s revisit! The guests flaunted their best baubles in honor of the woman some consider “the most intellectual monarch in