Tiara Time: Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara

So tonight we discuss a daybreak of dazzlers, Queen Sophie’s Nine Prong Tiara. A sunburst of 500 diamonds, scrolls, scalloped wreaths and the prongs like sunbeams, brilliant and stretching heavenward. Jaw-dropping diamond “crosses” top of each of the nine [I’ll forego my usual ironic exclamation of surprise nor comment on redundancy] prongs. The nomenclature We

Tiara Time! A Gala Dinner in Sweden means tiaras on VIDEO!

Oh yeah! A tiara event! Before I blow all the fun, I’ll let you ogle for yourselves. This past Monday the King & Queen of Sweden hosted a gala dinner in honor of Abdullah Güll, the President of Turkey‘s state visit. I’m certain you got a good look at Silvia wearing Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong

Tiara Time! Aquamarine Bandeau II: the Cyclops!

Yes, it’s true. The “other” aquamarine bandeau tiara has been dubbed “the Cyclops” most likely because it was made in the 20s and it was intended to be worn low on the forehead as was the style at the time. A whopping aguamarina like that one could definitely give a “third eye” vibe to whomever