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Tiara Time! the Other Steel-Cut tiara

And we’re back! Your Blog Hostess should have mentioned Our holiday jaunt over three weeks ago, before We left. Alas, We did not forget about you, delightful friends! Moreover, welcome to Our new followers who enlisted during the hiatus.

Crown Princess Victoria at the March 11 2013 state gala dinner
Crown Princess Victoria in a different Steel-Cut tiara at a gala dinner in Stockholm.

If you recall, way back when We had talked about a March 11 state dinner in Stockholm. This video footage led us to a post on the Nine-Prong Tiara, then a second on the famous Steel-Cut tiara. The irony in Our reporting on the latter tiara is that Crown Princess Victoria was not wearing THE Steel-Cut tiara at the state dinner. The tiara donning the Crown Princess’ was, for lack of creativity, the Other Steel-Cut tiara in the Bernadotte collection.

the other steel cut tiara on crown princess victoria
Shall we call it the Steel-Cut Bandeau? Check out the matching comb on the right!

With its low rise, your Blog Hostess toys with the idea of dubbing it the Steel-Cut Bandeau. Would you say she’s wearing it like a headband? Eh…not really. The real hitch is that We have essentially no information on this tiara at all. Perhaps we should call it the “Mystery Steel-Cut tiara” instead. Another website claims it was part of the Napoleonic Steel-Cut parure; I tend to disagree. It doesn’t look like the other pieces in that parure and–more importantly–how many parures come with two head-toppers? The only official word on Our enigmatic bandeau was from a historian/spokesperson for the Royal family who simply said, “the Swedish Royal Family has many tiaras.” Duh! But thank you anyway…

Crown Princess Victoria 2012 Nobel Gala steel cut tiara

Obviously We feel like the Blog Hostess-Come-Lately because last month was not the first time Victoria wore the Steel Cut Bandeau. (Yeah, We’re sticking with that one.) She wore it to the royal banquet held for the Nobel laureates on December 11, 2012 (right) and to the Royal Wedding Gala in Luxembourg that previous October. (Below).

Crown Princess Victoria at Luxembourg Wedding other steel cut tiara
Looking happy as a clam at the Luxembourg Royal wedding.

Bless Vicky’s heart, she looks good in every color she dons! That buff-pink Elle Tahari dress is stunning and regardless of my lofty ego, that color would wash me out! She wears that crimson red as if she were the upcoming Christmas present. It seems like everything–tiara, gown, track suit–looks great on the Crown Princess. What do you think of Victoria’s style?

I know I repeatedly say that this is a jewellery blog not a Monarchist blog, but I must aver that Victoria of Sweden is probably my favorite of the “spotlight princesses.” What do you think? Who’s your favorite?

If you want a really funny post, ask me which princesses turn my stomach like month-old yoghurt. *shudder at the very thought*