cinq ans

marie antoinette 1938

Norma Shearer in the 1939 motion picture Marie Antoinette. Oh those dresses

tiaras, ‘toinette and royalty barbs for 5 years

How to commemorate all we’ve been through together? Sure, there were some tears. Maybe we saw other people for awhile but now we’re together again. Thus your Blog Hostess decrees commemoration in GIFS.

duchess of alba in the pearl wedding tiara at the imperial ball in new york2

who could forget doña Cayetana at the  Empire Ball in New York.

Queen Geraldine in her Skanderbeg Diamond Tiara

Zog I of Albania and his new Hungarian-born queen, Geraldine.


farah meets Jackie kennedy


JFK gives Farah the full up-down in front of the Shah before the National Ballet.


qe2 coronation

and the image that requires no words.



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