tiara time: the Daisy

Talk about a social gaffe! Last week we–yes we use the “royal we” here at Tiaras and Trianon–recapped the dazzling display of royal headgear, shoulder-dusting earrings and necklaces whose jewels ebbed on like concentric rings in a pebble pierced pond. Blinded by he splendor of the 40th Ruby Jubilee in Copenhagen, the Norwegian royals were neglected!crown prince haakon & princess mette marit

The Daisy is Mette-Marit’s wedding tiara, a gift from King Harald and Queen Sonja. It was made in 1910, a simple, understated band

with a scalloped edge. Its diamonds set to emulate a chain of–you guessed it–daisies. It’s Mette-Marit’s favorite tiara and she’s worn it on MANY an occasion.


Yet sporting the Daisy  on that particular evening might be a salute to the lady of the hour.”Daisy” is Queen Margrethe’s nickname (and also, we’re fairly certain) the English translation for “Margrethe.” Hey, it stands to reason, margarita means daisy in Spanish. the trash heap has spoken.

As you can tell, that night tiaras ran the gamut from the over-the-top Marie Chantal to Mette-Marit whom we can imagine throwing on a coat of mascara and the Daisy to run out for some milk and eggs.

the Diamond Daisy Tiara aka Mette-Marit’s Wedding Tiara

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