your R.S.V.P. is only 242 years late

your R.S.V.P. is only 242 years late

an invitation to the gala ball held at Versailles following the marriage of the Dauphin.

(Whomever mislabeled this obviously didn’t notice that the ball was to be held on Wednesday 24th of February 1945. It cannot be from Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette’s wedding. It must have been from his father or older brother who passed away. Both held the title dauphin but never lived to be king. Only when “kinged” did a Louis get a Roman numeral.)

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4 Responses to your R.S.V.P. is only 242 years late

  1. Louis XVI was just a glimmer in his father’s eye at that time! It was for his father’s wedding to Maria Teresa Rafaela on Feb 23rd, 1745. However, this was not Louis XVI’s mother. Rafael died in 1746 and the Dauphin remarried the Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria in 1747–Louis’ mother.


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