tiara time! Queen Frederika’s Tiara

queen frederika & crown princess marie chantal in queen sophia's tiara

Queen Frederika (left) in Queen Sophie’s tiara. Crown Princess Marie Chantal sported the sparkler in January at the Danish Ruby Jubilee. (right).

Remember last week when we gawked at Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece in that enormous diamond tiara? I said we’d get back to it! It was first brought to Greece by Queen Frederika’s mother-in-law, Queen Sophia, hence the diamond tiara’s moniker.

In 1889, then Princess Sophie of Prussia married the future King Constantine I of Greece, this tiara was a wedding gift from her mother, the Empress of Prussia, more commonly known as Princess Vicky — the eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

It was truly a favorite of Queen Frederika, as seen here (to the left of the groom) at her son’s wedding in 1964.Image As the famous tiara had not been seen since the 70s, most believed that, strapped for cash, Friedrike sold it at auction.

Then why was it stashed away for so many years? I’m very surprised that Queen Anne-Marie never wore it, especially to her own son’s wedding. Wouldn’t she have looked smashing at Crown Prince Pavlos’ nuptials in that? Or she could have loaned that traditionally wedding tiara to Marie Chantal the bride.

Was it loaned to Queen Sofía (Grecian princess) in Spain? (I couldn’t find any pictures of it. If it was there, you’d think they’d use it. I find the other Spanish tiaras a snooze-fest. Yup, all three of them. Whatever happened to Ena’s Cartier aquamarine tiara?)

Maybe it was sold then recently bought back or put down as collateral for a loan? Queen Anne-Marie did promise that it would “be back” and return it did! I guess the result is the important part, right?

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