Spanish Royal Wedding: Juan Carlos and Sofía

Boda de Juan Carlos y Sofia, portal de "Hola!"

see, you can meet Prince Charming on a singles cruise!

In the two hours since I’ve posted this delightful relic, I have yet to tire of it. So what the hell? How about a little video footage of the nuptials? I believe it was a Greek Orthodox wedding and I love to watch the ceremony. So let’s see if we can dig up something decent para la boda de Juan Carlos y doña Sofía.

Forgetting I may be the only person involved in this blog who’s fluent in Spanish, I’ll summarize: 

1. Juan Carlos was still the Principe de Austurias in exile at the time, although Generalísimo Franco was hinting that the Spanish Royal Family would be restored after his death. When the time came, Juan Carlos’ father passed the throne on to his son, stating he was “too old” for the position.

2. The ceremony took place in Athens, first with a Roman Catholic ceremony then the Greek Orthodox.

3. No, they are NOT playing “musical crowns.”  The Crown Ceremony is performed by the Godfather of the bethrothed, in this case the bride’s father.

4. The bride’s mother tossed a handful of rose petals into the bride and groom’s faces. Neither the rose petals nor the Crown Ceremony are anything exclusive to a royal wedding. It is standard procedure for all weddings practiced in the Greek Orthodox faith. 

Naturally, it proffers the question, does this also apply for Russian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, etc? I’m thinking a Tsar’s wedding next if there’s any footage.

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2 Responses to Spanish Royal Wedding: Juan Carlos and Sofía

  1. Christe says:

    Where were all the OTHER Royals? Exiled from London?
    Andrew? His younger brother? What’s his name Edward?


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