Jubilee Flotilla Viewing Thwarted by Time Zone Disparity.

Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee (Photo credit: SouthEastern Star ★)

I’m sure most of you were completely aware that yesterday was the Grand Flotilla down the Thames in honor of the Diamond Jubilee and day-long, full television coverage was promised by BBC America. (The British Broadcasting Channel America…kind of an oxymoron if you think about it.)

Anyhow, yours truly wakes up and flicks on the tele and there were only documentaries about the Windsor royal weddings. (I admit it was interesting to see Princess Margaret and Princess Anne’s weddings but it wasn’t what I tuned in to see.) I’d missed the whole flotilla thanks to that eight-hour time difference betwixt London and Pacific Standard Time. Dammit! I missed that delightfully slanty hat with which Elizabeth II topped off her resplendent white togs.

Absolutely smashing in white, the monarch celebrates on the Thames.

Great broach, your Majesty! Let’s see if we can get some historical significance of said broach…I’ll consult my extensive files.

So for all of us who forgot (or never knew) that the Flotilla officially kicked off at 3pm Greenwich Mean Time and that there was much pre-game broadcast even before the clock hit 7 am here in California, here’s a neat summary with some great camera shots. Thanks SKY News.

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