The 60 Years Worth Commemorating In Diamonds

the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee photo

What’s actually being celebrated? As Americans, we aren’t given an extensive history of Europe‘s monarchs. Actually, until I studied in Spain, I was rather unaware how many European monarchies are still in power. I was a bit shocked. Judging by the check-out aisle tabloids, American can’t get enough of the House of Windsor or at the very least Kate Middleton. Why would they deprive us or more royals and their exploits? Not all of us are of Anglo-Saxon descent…maybe some of us with Scandinavian, Dutch and Bohemian bloodlines would like some updates from those mother lands.

 In case you haven’t been around for the past sixty years or perhaps you were and simply had prior obligations/distractions, here’s a neat summary of Queen Elizabeth II’s epic reign.

In order to avoid any more scheduling conflicts and to remember to set the TiVo if you’re likely to be asleep, check out This aptly-named website is chock-full of everything Diamond-worthy: a schedule of events, official photos, links to Facebook & YouTube as well as pages dedicated to jubilees past, be they Elizabeth’s Silver, Golden or Britain’s only other Diamond Jubilee. (Answer: Queen Victoria. See? We’re leaning already!)

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