the Noor-ol-Ain in action: the Iranian Imperial Wedding

English: Official government portrait of Empre...

English: Official government portrait of Empress Farah Pahlavi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What could be better than following up the Noor-ol-Ain with video footage of the wedding for which it was commissioned?

Unfortunately, the 1959 live Persian TV broadcasts are quite grainy, though extensive. (You’ll see what I mean if you watch the last two videos…it starts with dignitaries de-boarding a plane for the royal wedding. That’s pretty thorough.)

However, if you prefer your charming, late-50s black-and-white footage a bit clearer and in English, I’ve included a forty-second news reel that also gives you a little background on the dynasty’s situation at the time. (See video 1).

(The good news is, Empress Farah‘s coronation crown is spectacular and the video footage is in color. So we can all look forward to that post.) It’s not even the tiara pictured above the video clips…that’s just the “official government photo…golly is she beautiful! Sweet togs too.)

Either way, here’s some afternoon viewing enjoyment…at least it’s not an “Everybody Loves Raymond” rerun.

Empress Farah and her legendary Noor-ol-Ain wedding tiara.

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