tiara time? my crown of laurels!

   the versatile blogger award the beautiful blogger awardthe sisterhood of world bloggers award the readers' appreciation awardthe "one lovely blog" award

We are so honored by the four (actually five) awards you see above that We shall drop the Royal We for the acceptance post in the name of…acceptance speeches, I guess.  (So rare is it that I find myself at a loss for words. Usually it’s a deluge.)

As far as I’m concerned, this endeavor is still completely new. I’m still trying to settle on a template, honestly. (I tried a few more on last night…wasn’t convinced.)  Has it even been a month and a half since I started this?

Imagine my extreme flattery to have a fellow blogger laud upon me these four awards. Four writers’ awards! Muchísimas gracias, Claudia. Me encanta la corona de laurel, Claudia! By the way, I looked backwards on the links from your award page and it seems they gave you the “Beautiful Blogger Award” (I think.) So in the name of Calliope, Clio, Erato or maybe Euterpe, I thought an extra accolade couldn’t possible hurt!

Please, readers and nominees alike, check out this wonderful site! It’s not just what her eye captures, it’s the fact she records it in every medium imaginable!


Finally, my crown of laurels! Symbolic though the crown may be, like Princess Lilabet’s gilt coronet, it’s a start! Actually a crown of laurels is beyond flattering and not nearly as heavy as some of the tiaras We’ve already discussed. Plus, once it’s dried up, you can use it for cooking. (Laurel is the botanical term for what we in the US call “bay leaves.”)

Naturally, my fellow award-winners, there are guidelines for accepting this award. (I did not make them up. The committee told me so.) Now I must fulfill the second requirement: seven interesting things about myself. Oy vey..So…seven things about myself. This will be difficult; as a rule I don’t talk much about myself, or even use my real name for that matter. (I guess I fear Internet stalkers.) Oh forget it…I’ll get back to you I promise.  (I swear I will think of something amusing and amend this blog.) Is insomnia amusing? Sometimes it is!

While we wait for me to get past my amusing insomnia, let’s move on to part two: the AWARDS!

About ♔ la dauphiine ♔

Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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