Versailles the most beautiful place on Earth

because you can NEVER have enough Versailles…that was the concept on which it was founded. Well, that and hunting…

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I went to Versailles today! It is such a magnificent, luxurious and beautiful palace and oh my gosh the gardens are massive! Words cannot even begin to describe the feeling the place gives you. I looked at the King’s Bedchamber, the Queen’s Bedchamber, the Dauphine’s Bedchamber and the magical Hall of Mirrors! The Queen’s Bedchamber had a giant jewellery box and a secret door by the bed which Marie used to escape to the King’s Bedchamber when the French revolutionists came and stormed the palace. Unfortunately the French revolutionists subjected both Marie and her husband King Louis the XIV to the guillotine. People dipped their handkerchiefs in Marie’s blood for a souvenir afterwards.
The King’s Bedchamber:

The Queen’s Bedchamber:

The Dauphine’s Bedchamber:


I saw the table laid with cutlery where the King and Queen ate in public. The serviettes were styled in fancy shapes.

I saw giant high heels at…

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