Princess Grace in Empress Josephine’s Coronation Tiara

Grace of Monaco, Empress Josephine Coronation Tiara

I picked this tiara topic based on the glamor and elation in this photo of Princess Grace at the Centenary Ball of Monaco. I just love her expression, her hair-do…she looks like such a fairy tale princess. The radiant tiara doesn’t hurt the image one bit either. (It also helped that Grace Kelly was photogenic.) The tiara was loaned to The Princess of Monaco by Van Cleef & Arpels for the for the May 27, 1966 event. The New York-based jewelers acquired it in 1887 when the French Government decided to sell some of its treasures for cash.

empress josephine coronation tiara

You can just see her floating along the ballroom. Like she’s made of cotton candy except she’s silky, not sticky. Good lord, that up-do is such a treasure it might be sold at auction. More proof big-hair can be elegant instead of skanky. Don’t scoff at me…what the hell was the pouf? Yeah, I thought so…

Princess Grace Empress Josephine Tiara

photo layout from: Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

The tiara was originally made for Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte‘s coronation in 1804. After crowning himself, Emperor Napoleon I crowned his wife empress.

Annointing of Napoleon I and Coronation of Empress Josephine

I’d like to thank whomever had the brilliant foresight to crop these images for me.

To say Empress Josephine had a sh•tload of tiaras is still an understatement. We’ve already talked about two that she gave to granddaughter Josephine 2 when she married Oscar I of Sweden. (Leutchenberg Sapphires, Cameo Tiara…I can think of at least 4 more, all of which gifts from her grandmother Empress Josephine.)

Josephine always seems so comfortable in her portraits, doesn’t she? Slouchy and relaxed yet somehow imperial. How did she do it? With a stable of tiaras at her disposition, I suppose.

Coronation Painting of Empress Josephine

Check out this painting below, kept in the Pagerie Museum in Trois Islet, Martinique. The museum is an identical recreation of Josephine’s birthplace and childhood home on a sugar plantation. It’s titled Empress Josephine with Creole Attendant. Creative title, huh? The subject’s great…I wonder if she was nervous before the coronation or felt odd after becoming a freaking empress.

josephine's coronation tiara painting

Wait, is Josephine looking into a mirror or coming through a doorway? My immediate reaction was “mirror” but there’s no reflection of the white girl in the blue skirt. Or is the reflection blocked by blue skirt girl’s body?

Anyway, look how far We have digressed from the photo of Princess Grace at the ball? We ended up the in Caribbean thanks to a tiara.

Empress Josephine Tiara now owned by Van Cleef Arpelsnaughty tiara…distracting us all!

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