More Titles to Bestow! the super sweet blogging award!

Wow…tiaras made of laurels!…how wonderful to be nominated for another award! And it always happens when you least expect it too! It’s better than breakfast in bed, especially when you didn’t sleep well the night before! I owe a deep curtsey of gratitude and most heart-felt thanks to sammiwitch of the lovely blog the life and times of a forever witch or nominating me for this award! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts about my work! Blissful blessings to you!


Ok, here are the rules for accepting this auspicious accolade:

1. give credit to the person who nominated you,

2. answer questions from the Super Sweet Blogging Award,

3. and nominate a “baker’s dozen” (13) blogs that you admire. (then send them the rules & questions!)

Super Sweet Questions

1.  Cookies or CakeCAKE! I mean, it’s cake!

2Chocolate or Vanilla? Dark, dark chocolate, baby! The decadence level is measured in gigawatts! 

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? The dulce de leche the way the make it at el San Juaníno in Buenos Aires…we lived across the street for a month. It became my crack!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Breakfast-time. Goes great with coffee

5.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Canuta or petite-sweet, they’re both Spanish sweets for children.

The Bakers Dozen of blogs I am going to nominate are:

1. bucket list publications – click for hyperlink

2. cancer killing recipe

3. grammaniac

4. people places and bling

5. royal romania

6. one quality, the finest.

7. saints, sisters and sluts

8. the traveling pear

9. the royal correspondent

10. the balanced soul

11. the wandering youth

12. versailles gossip

13. madame guillotine

About ♔ la dauphiine ♔

Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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4 Responses to More Titles to Bestow! the super sweet blogging award!

  1. Susan Ozmore says:

    Congrats! I first ate dulce de leche in Buenos Aires as well yummy! 🙂


  2. Congratulations!! You and your fabulous site totally deserve to scoop the “Super Sweet” award. Thank you for the daily dose of wit, bling, research, and eye-catching photography. Sweet inspiration indeed!! T. (And thanks for the awesome shout-out!)


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