Can you tell Marie Antoinette and her sister apart?

Question! Should we leave the “sticky” up a bit longer? Will anybody else vote or is this it? We have five “likes” (awesome!) and two comments (aka “votes”). Come on! Keep up the chatter guys! **** your blog hostess ❤

marie antoinette and her sister maria carolina

Two of these childhood pictures are of Marie Antoinette and two are of her older sister and best friend Maria Carolina, future Queen of Naples. No cheating! (The internet can lead you astray…it has done so to me and countless others!) Yes this is a precursor to tomorrow’s blog.

Can you tell? Come on, take a guess! I made this post “sticky-on-top” to encourage voting before everybody barrels on to the answers.

S’il vous plaît! I never been this bad at generating conversation in my life!

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12 Responses to Can you tell Marie Antoinette and her sister apart?

  1. sammiwitch says:

    Hmm…this is tough…I don’t know…to my untrained eye the pictures look to be of four different women! My *random* guess would be that the pictures on the right are of the same woman…? I tried…Brightest Blessings


  2. J. G. Burdette says:

    Since I have done alot of reading on Marie-Antoinette, and have seen two of her photos out of these 4 in books. Marie-Antoinette is the top right and bottom left.


    • la dauphine says:

      Though you failed to specify which “four books” please don’t! It’s a low-key Sunday fun game. I’d like everyone to have a shot. Don’t fret! We’ll do some kind of “bragging rights trivia” one day!

      All of these pictures are “right clicks”…plus, I can only think of 1 book where 1 painting appears. Do send me an email with the titles! I love it when somebody piques my curiosity!


      • J. G. Burdette says:

        Sorry, I should have put a comma after the 4. I meant that in several different books I had seen two of these photos. Those two are the Marie-Antoinette photos you have here in the collage. I’ll email you the titles, once I’ve assembled them. It’s been a few years since I’ve read the books.


        • la dauphine says:

          Oh, that one—ahem—not to give “it” away–is all over cos I think it may have been one of the portraits that was sent to the Court of Versailles. She’s about 13 or so. You should see some of the older ones I’ve found…they’re in black and white!


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  4. Upper left is Maria Christina, upper right and bottom right is Marie Antoinette, lower left is Maria Carolina. Am I right???? HAHAHA:))


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