did Princess Marie Chantal get her eyes done?

Crown Princess Marie Chantal had work done

(left) at the Royal Wedding in Luxembourg two weeks ago and (right) at the Ruby Jubilee in January 2012

We’re taking the low road today. Is it me or is there is absolutely no way Marie Chantal, Princess of the Duty-Free long before she was Crown Princess of Greece did not have her eyes done?

Yes, I realize there is a staggering difference in the quality of the pictures but if I knew how to fix that, well…I’d probably have a better job. These are NOT doctored because I can only use the pixlr automatic-idiot-proof website.

I don’t blame her is she got her eyes done, what I can’t figure out is why anyone would put that Juviderm in their cheeks. It just makes them look worse. Compare for yourself. Those cheekbones looked better in January.

Is it me or am I losing it? 









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