Tiara Time: Tiaras in Motion Tend to Bling More (videos!)

I’m not entirely sure what I was doing on youtube this morning but I did come across this delicious video gems. So let you mind relax and your eyes feast on the cornucopia of tiaras this footage has to offer.

This first one is a video montage of everyone dancing at Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel’s wedding in 2010 with a strange cut to the Crown Prince Frederik & Princess Mary of Denmark dancing at their own wedding. Let’s call it a two-fer! (It’s set to the song “Celebrate” by Martin Chodur. No, I’ve never heard of him…feel free to turn the volume down…I did.) How many tiaras do you recognize?

The Cameo Tiara is a gimme…shoot for another. Anyone recognize the tiara Queen Silvia‘s wearing?

Now that we’re marriage minded, the next video shows the bridal entrances at the Weddings of the future monarchs of Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. It’s not the best quality (sorry) but I’m pretty sure that’s because I can’t figure out how to update my Adobe player. Yours should be fine. There are definitely some great tiara close-ups, so keep your eyes sharp when they show the guests!

Naturally Metit Marit wore the Diamond Daisy Tiara on her wedding day…and most likely to everyone else’s weddings. It’s her above-and-beyond favorite.

wedding tiaras of the crown princesses victoria, mette-marit, máxima and maryCan anybody name the tiaras worn by Crown Princess Máxima or Crown Princess Mary?

This last tiara footage is my favorite. It’s from a state banquet held at Windsor Castle in April 1992 in honor of legendary Polish president Lech Walesa.

I love this clip because you get a nice eyeful of tiaras, including recent Tiara Time topic the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara on Queen Elizabeth. (If you were queen, would you loan that beaut’ out to anyone else? Nope. Neither would I.)

Unlike most tiara footage, this one has an intimate feel to it, don’t you agree? The casual talk among the royal family; the waiting men in full livery receiving last minute instructions; the table stretches so far that you’d need a pair of opera glasses to see even halfway down. Though it is obviously such a formal event, it doesn’t feel stuffy or exclusive. Kinda like we’re there too, bedecked in jewels and formal wear, of course. Queen Silvia has graciously lent me her Leuchtenberg Sapphire parure. What a sweetie!

Queen Silvia of Sweden Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if we all showed up in the same dress? Good thing those tiaras are one of a kind. Which tiara and jewels are you wearing to our formal state banquet?

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4 Responses to Tiara Time: Tiaras in Motion Tend to Bling More (videos!)

  1. I think I’d probably go Princess Maximas Ruby Parure Tiara – it is beautiful!


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