best in M@ shopping: Reproduction or Knock-off?

It’s the first of m@ shopping of 2013! Check out this reproduction round miniature of Madame Vigée LeBrun’s maternal portrait of ‘Toinette and her children, sans painted-over cradle. Unfortunately if you’re currently in the market for 18th Century miniature reproductions, this one got away!

Vigée LeBrun Miniature reproduction portrait of Marie Antoinette

The good news is OneKingsLane has a bevy of other Louis XVI-reminiscent items…so if you’ve got money to burn…well! Maybe this is what you’re looking for an 18th Century French Map (only $700!) 18th Century French Mapor a 19th Century Louis XVI-Style center table. (Hey, $6995 is a total steal compared to the retail of $12 large, right?)

Exactly what purpose does a center table serve? Is it the converse of side tables or end tables?19th Century Louis XVI-Style Center Table It’s 29 inches high. Too high to be a sofa-side tea/coffee table. It’s nothing what I’d imagine a dining table looking like in Versailles.

But the thematic furnishings don’t  stop there. There’s a set of Louis XVI-style dining chairs, unfortunately they don’t go with aforementioned Center Table. At least their purpose is obvious. There are at about 10 different types of French buttrests for sale this week: Louise Seize-style benches, a Moustache armchair to a pair of Fauteuils and a Beregère whose upholstery must feel like floating in velvet marshmallows.

All this décor eye-candy is labelled “vintage reproduction,” a term that must be an oxymoron, n’est-pas? The exact definition of what makes a piece “vintage” is null. The hefty price-tags these vintage-repros sport is what bothers me. $7000 for a reproduction? The Beregère, made between 1910 & 1950, is $1000 (plus shipping). The Fauteuils were made in the same era, with nappy upholstery peeling and rough-edged frames cost over $2000. These are supposed to be steals!  

I know there aren’t enough “reals ones” to go around but am I the only person who thinks imitation versions shouldn’t cost thousands? A seven thousand-dollar vintage-repro? Double contradiction. What is a reproduction essentially? A knock-off.

If you had stacks and stacks of cash, would you spend thousands on used furniture that was a knock-off even when it was new?

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2 Responses to best in M@ shopping: Reproduction or Knock-off?

  1. J. G. Burdette says:

    I think I’d have to be a tad bit loony to spend that much money on “imitations”.

    Good to see you back, was wondering what happened there. Hadn’t seen any new posts in some time.


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