Happy New Year in Review.

…and we’re back!

That was a lengthy hiatus that even for your Blog Hostess. Christmas in Monroe, NY is–at best–a silent, white expanse. At worst it’s–shudder. Holiday break takes more out of me than the daily grind.

nicole's brain progression on November 2, 2012

We’re back in the bungalow We currently call home so, firstly, welcome to all the new likers, comment-leavers & follow friends who’ve joined the crew over the holiday hiatus. Secondly, sorry for my delinquency.2013: Getting this show on the road

Just like your father telling you the family road trip will depart at 4 am to avoid traffic, kicking off a new year is easier said than done. How about the seemingly counterproductive tradition of starting fresh by looking back? We can see how my blog would translate into Cannes Film Festival entries, courtesy of of WordPress. (See below.)

Of course, your Blog Hostess saw the “report,” mainly its firework graphic and thought, “Time for another fétè, my dah-lings!” We know it’s a sanctioned soiree ‘cos gunpowder’s finally being used for good. I must amuse my court, n’est-ce pas?

French Country Ceramic Jug

“OMG, let’s cavot!”

Why did that need two dialogue-captions?

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 31,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 7 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Delightfully, WordPress’s little bon mot reminded me of a few other things from the past year.

a few 2012 Favorites:[nostalgic not numeric]

I specifically though of my 10,000 view ‘cos if views were bucks I’d have 2.5 Yugos. Love that apples-to-oranges-alchemy comparison they both employ.

yugo ad $3990Now I have [pause in anticipation while I scroll up, return] 31,000 views that’smany, many more fractions of Yugos. 31,000 gets you seven and three quarters Yugos; if only they still made ’em. Yep, I wasn’t gonna pull up the calculator…that lazy.

Marie Antoinette & Her Sister Charlotte Were Dead Ringers I loved this post as it was part of the original Trivia ‘Toinette theme I’d intended for this blog. (It was originally to be titled Trivia and Trianon. For a whirlwind nine days it was  Tiaras, Trivia and Trianon but even I don’t love alliteration that much.

marie antoinette and her older sister maria carolina

Royal hand-me-downs or did Maria Teresa dress Antoinette & Charlotte alike as if they were posing for a family Christmas card?

I dug the positive reaction when I posted that Grecian-style painting of Marie Antoinette and the second-youngest archduchess, Maria Carolina. (You gotta click above to see!) I’d always liked it but feared my attraction to it was rooted in kitschy personality. Me know art? Opposite day does exist. I found people talking about the above side-by-sides on Twitter. Given my glacial interaction on the Bird Feed, this blew my mind. Somebody asked if it was a “Superman/Clark Kent Situation.” Heeee. Pschyed as I felt, let’s all knock on wood that wasn’t my 15 minutes.

My favorite factoid was definitely Trivia Toinette #6.

les nécessaires de Marie Antoinette et Josephine Bonaparte

les nécessaires de Marie Antoinette et Josephine Bonaparte, respectively

My obsession with make-up and my perpetual search for a nécessaire that combines the efficient and the elegant borders on the insane. Having first spied the dressing case M@ took to Varennes in a biography years ago, I am now obsessed with having an 18th Century nécessaire recreated. Equally shocking is that for need of cosmetics, a royal family was lost. Grim, huh? We’re not pointing fingers. Alas, cosmetics can be a lady’s downfall, but look how pretty these dressing cases are! (Trivia ‘Toinette #1 is still the most likely to surprise. Irony of ironies, it was Our first post too.)

https://tiarasandtrianon.wordpress.com/tiara-terminology/Favorite tiara post? I don’t know that you can have a favorite post about a tiara without it being your favorite tiara…and who has a favorite bling? I do swell my chest and sing of the Tiara Terminology page simply because it’s still a work in progress and I didn’t take the easy way out, aka avoid a project that 400 words or less. In retrospect, I should have put this illustrated glossary in alphabetical order–have given it some kind of order. It’s the Sagrada Familia of Tiara/Toinette blog references pages: I don’t see an end to this obra maestra but with each addition it grows more impressive. (hee hee. No I haven’t been drinking.)

Then there were those pesky theme weeks with whom I had a love-hate relationship. Fun-fun idea but it wears thin by day 7. Attack of the Brooches would have seen your blog hostess sugaring the neighborhood gas tanks if she saw another aquamarine. The only planned theme week was the Westminster Tiara Collection, which I planned before I researched. Alas, there wasn’t as much info as I’d hoped.

My favorite is Throw Your Own Marie Antoinette Birthday.  I laugh; when I read it, I am pleased. We at Our best–ahem. pedicure from film Marie Antoinette kirsten dunstUnlike most of the posts which I consider to be stiff and didactic in tone, this prose is the most genuine of la dauphine yet featured here. Not many people read it–a truth painted in those black and white stats. Most courtiers here tune in for the tiaras and gems, not the M@. Those who did read left the sweet éloge…furthermore it brought the heavenly patisserie Ladurée to my attention. You thought you could only get cakes like this in Avalon…macaroons in every hue in faerie-land.

the famous ladurée macaroonsthe famous ladurée macaroonsAccording to a particular popular magazine, you can order les macarons incroyables by mail. (The mag priced this holiday gift suggestion as $21 for a gift box of 6.) At the bakery in Manhattan, the weightless sandwich cookies sold at $2.80 a piece. I guess the gift box quality makes up the difference. Warning! Do not look at the cookies for too long! You will have an bizarre gourmet-insulin rush and seek out dessert! It happened to me last night while I was working on this! Do not look directly, I repeat. You need one of those shoe boxes with the hole punched in one end like we used for looking at the eclipse safely. 

Lofty expectations for 2013

boucher's "winter" frick collection

this is what the climate’s like at my folk’s place…I don’t look that glam though

renoir la promende fricke collectionAlas, we cannot move on without tying up the loose ends. I left you all en medias res yapping on self-indulgently (so unlike today) about my three favorite paintings in the Frick Collection in Manhattan. We’d discussed Boucher’s very Rococo Winter and the less-topical-to-this-blog, Renoir’s La Promenade, also known as “Mother and Children.” So yes, I owe you one more “favorite painting from the Frick” as well as the obvious set-up for a Ladurée resolution.

I don’t know about YOU, loyal friends, but We’ve got a list from here to the moon (which also revolves around moi!) of projects with which We hope to dazzle in the twelve months to come. Sure, we’ve got the mundane like our first anniversary in April, maybe more round numbers in the thousands of views to celebrate. But how about some projects and field work?

Princess Margaret sports the Poltimore tiara in the bath

I find nothing odd with Princess Margaret’s choice in venue! Wear your tiaras! It’s what you wanted when you were five!

And you thought you’d seen every hijink a Marie Antoinette/Tiara/Royal history blog had in the catalog.

Nope. Welcome to the brave new world…

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Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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