Valentine’s Tiara Time Special Edition: Marie Antoinette’s Real Necklace

marie antoinette's real necklace

it’s a ‘special edition” because it’s not actually headgear. Prepare for other infrequent loopholes.

Before anything, let’s put the Affair of the Necklace aside. That was made with Louis XV’s consort más guarra in mind. Think about it…that dragnet of brilliants is trés du Barry. Yucky. But we don’t want to beat that horse on Champagne Night–er, Valentines. Lady Antonia Fraser goes out of her way to point out every occasion upon which M@ did not drape her neck in jewels. (The only appendage that tended to go without.)

Though she may have worn necklaces frequently in her youth, I don’t recall ever reading or seeing a portrait with mature M@ avec collar.

All of which makes the bauble pictured above such a rare treat. Comprised of pearls, diamonds and rubies, a necklace that ‘Toinette actually did own was auctioned off at Christie’s London. Valued between  £350,000-400,000, the choker-length garland was part of the 2007 “Magnificent Jewellery Sale”.  Aren’t they all magnificent?

Happy Hearts [champagne] Day! We love you all! Hope you enjoy the shiny bonbons.

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Tiara Time Special Edition: Marie Antoinette’s Real Necklace

  1. aubrey says:

    I automatically reached for these pretties and rapped my knuckles on the computer screen.



  2. Perseverance says:

    Thank you for sharing! It bothers me when people believe the Affair of the Necklace scandal. So much that I want to scream! 😛


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