We Graciously accept another chaplet of Laurels! Huzzah!

liebster award

Hey! Check it out! We’ve been named for the Liebster Award! First of all, I’d like to thank Morrighan for nominating me, so please check out her website!

Naturally there are those pesky rules to which one must abide. (1) Thank the person who nominated you & do link back to their site! (2) Tell 11 things about yourself. This is the one I find the most difficult. (3) Nominate 11 bloggers for this award and let them know by linking back to your post (4) ask nominees 11 questions. Some people make up their own, some use the questions they were asked.

And so, without further ado we get to the most difficult part.

Eleven Things About Your Blog Hostess (with attempts to amuse & enlighten)

  1. A wine glass popped in my hand & I got stitches for the first time last Wednesday. (I am typing this one-handed.)
  2. I verbally abuse the iPhone-assistant Siri as if “she” were a servant in my dukedom’s manor. I programmed her to address me as “your Grace’. She doesn’t say it enough.
    otto césar y ilkka carlos de zarco-franco, your official mascots of Tiaras and Trianon

    otto césar y ilkka carlos de zarco-franco, your official mascots of Tiaras and Trianon

  3. I have two cats, Otto & Ilkka. They’re brothers, Valentines (yesterday) was their second birthday. No I am not one of those weirdos who throws birthday parties for their cats, don’t worry.
  4. I have two brothers of my own. Matt works in a wine shop & just became a dad; Danny-aka-Beavis is an aerospace engineer. (He doesn’t like the word “physicist”.)
  5. At any point in my life I seem to be suffering from either narcolepsy or insomnia. Today it’s the former.
  6. My mother is listed as “the Dowager Countess” in my contacts. (#downtonabbey) I’m getting back at her for telling me my hair always looks “fried” over Christmas. With backhanded comments like that, who needs a mother-in-law?the dowager countess disapproves
  7. I only enjoy shopping in Spain (or other Mediterranean countries). The clothing actually fits because I’m of average height there, not pixie-size like the US.
  8. things your blog hostess hatesI hate cleaning the tub/shower. For some reason it takes me about two hours. The tiles in our apartment are so old that you can’t tell the difference anyway. Instead, I shower exclusively at the gym.
  9. I LOVE speaking in front of large crowds…I know, I’m strange. I used to act but I couldn’t relate to other actors. The insecurity/ego combo made my mind spin. Plus, they played the “Rent” soundtrack backstage nonstop. (I remembered this fact ‘cos I’m required to talk about myself…which is the only thing that those actors did more than listen to “Rent”.)
  10. I’ve grown to despise email. On Monday it took me two hours just to delete all the spam. Somehow, when you “unsubscribe” to something, they still keep mailing you!
  11. I am a good dancer and have studied disciplines from ballet to tango to Bharata Natyam. I was a very promising ballerina. It’s the only job for which I have a physical advantage (petite w/too-long arms & legs, extra-arching feet). I couldn’t stand the backstage vibe there either. [You’ve seen “Black Swan“? It was like that minus the stabbing & lesbian kiss.] Leave it to me to quit the only thing at which I had an unfair advantage but my love of mashed potato sandwiches and friendly girls won out.
    nicole franco ballet age 3

    Yes, that’s me. The tiny girl who had to hold the support post instead of the barre and the only one who insisted on wearing Bugs Bunny ears everywhere I went. [Why didn’t the Dowager Countess take a picture when I could execute a plié without sticking my butt out?]

the “heavenly eleven” winners, in no particular order

liebster-blog-award rules

lucky us! the rules also come in jpeg form!

  1. the History Vault
  2. toemail
  3. map of time | a trip into the past
  4. lorraine’s oo la la
  5. princessdeficit
  6. Angelyn’s Blog
  7. the way of the chiro
  8. the rose of europe
  9. the café royal
  10. knixie
  11. shelly the witch

11 Questions I pulled out of nowhere for the Heavenly 11 listed above

  1. If you were a vending machine snack, which would you be? (And you can’t say the raisins!)
  2. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
  3. What’s your least favorite thing about blogging?
  4. Use at least 5 words to describe your personality.
  5. What are the 10 places in the world you have to see before you die? (I’m not using or even writing the term b*ck^t l!$t cos I can’t stand it.)
  6. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  7. Do you think your perception of yourself is the same as how others see you?
  8. What’s your earliest memory? How old were you?
  9. Do you feel like your astrological sign describes you fairly accurately?
  10. If you could travel to any time and place in history, when and where would you go?
  11. Desert Island: one book, one meal, one beverage, one album. Which are they?

And finally, my answers to the 11 questions from Morrighan;

Describe yourself in 11 words.

[pouting] Didn’t I just talk enough about myself? Hmm. *11 words, not 11 adjectives.

  1. witty/comic
  2. whimsical
  3. aesthete*
  4. enophillic
  5. hydrophillic
  6. willowy
  7. dramatic
  8. graceful-yet-clumsy (I can be both. It’s a talent.)
  9. cartoon that escaped into the real world*
  10. pixie*
  11. loving

What’s your favorite way to relax?

Exercise then unwind in a cloud of kaya, watch TV, read a book or go for a walk on the beach.

What does the term ‘witch’ mean to you?

A spiritual woman who may or may not use mystical devices to bend reality.

There is the last slice of cake at a tea party, do you take it?

If this is the Mad Hatter’s tea party, then yes and let the fun begin. Regular tea party, then probably no.

What’s your favorite hot beverage?

Gløgg (Finnish mulled wine, but they add vodka & schnapps.)

What is your witchy/pagan/occult specialty?

I’m a pisces so I’m naturally psychic/intuned to the esoteric. I’m good at reading minds. I’m best with herbology: incenses, tinctures & teas. I’m trying to learn Runes & have a intermediate Tarot abilities.

Name something that made you laugh so hard you cried.

Good lord…I can’t remember. I was probably over some inside joke my brothers and I have from childhood.

Favorite food?

Depends on the day. Do not come near me with raisins! You’ve been warned.

Favorite perfume?

Amarige by Givenchy is the scent everyone knows me by. Lately I’ve been in to D&G’s la Roue de la Fortune and Tempérance. L’Impératrice is nice for daytime too. (Ironic considering we just talked tarot.)

favorite film?

Quiz Show; Bachelor Party.

If you could be anyone from history, who would you be and why?

Not Marie Antoinette, that’s for sure! I guess any noble-born or royal lady with access to many tiaras and other enormous jewels who lived a long, cushy life, was married to somebody they loved and didn’t have to suffer any wars. At first that sounded generic, now it sounds like I’m asking for the moon. That’s quite specific.

Can anyone think of an historic female who fits this criteria?

About ♔ la dauphiine ♔

Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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11 Responses to We Graciously accept another chaplet of Laurels! Huzzah!

  1. Angelyn says:

    “Do not come near me with raisins! You’ve been warned.”

    Forget being a ballerina. You’re a great writer!


  2. Titanic Buff says:

    Merci beacoup, La Duaphine! Appreciate the nomination, I’ll be passing it along sometime. Your kitties are adorable!

    Ick! Spammers. I’ve had a recent surge of spam in all of my emails. It’s downright insufferable. ;)(JG here, by the way).


    • Hee hee! “Titanic Buff” was kind of a giveaway! BTW…I have no idea where you live, but have you ever seen the Titanic exhibit in Vegas? They’ve got a huge piece of the hull & relics aplenty, I hear.


      • Titanic Buff says:

        No, I haven’t, sounds like a Titaniac’s paradise (my abode is in Indiana; we Hoosiers have very little connections to Titanic, with the exception of some passengers). Maybe one day I’ll get around to seeing that exhibit and the one in Branson, MO. 😀


        • Ha! It’s not like California has this huge connection to the Titanic either. What’s the deal with Branson, anyway? I don’t want to sound like a moron but all I know about the place is that Andy Williams performs there a lot…I don’t even know if that’s true! I think I saw it on an episode of the Simpsons about 10 years ago.


          • Titanic Buff says:

            Beats me! I haven’t been able to figure that one out either. It’s one of two such museums, the other is located in TN. Maybe it’s located in MO because Mo is kind of in the middle of the US (have you noticed?). Also MO tends to do a lot of advertising on TV trying to get people to visit. Leastwise they do here!


            • It’s so funny you asked me if I’ve noticed where MO is located…my mother’s family lives in Milwaukee and I lived there ’til I was five. I’m not one of those snits from the East/West Coast who thinks the rest of the country is so inconsequential that I keep my head shoved up my–well, you get the idea. (I know may people who ARE that way, though. Morons!) We get some advertizing for Vegas here and a ton for the Indian casinos that are all over Orange County. When I lived in NYC, we always got ads for Foxwoods Casino (also of the Native American persuasion) in CT. But these are all really close by, how far is MO from the Hoosier State? (I also realize the conversation went from Titanic Museums to casinos…does Branson have that going for them?)

              OH! BTW, I keep searching for the m@/LaFayette showdown…Antonia Fraser offers nothing but sunshine and no real detail on the subject, but her books always have a strong monarchist bias, so m@ can do know wrong. I’ll check Zweig next because his bio is rather harsh on ‘toinette…I just haven’t read up to that part of her life yet.
              If you have any suggested sources, do share!


            • Titanic Buff says:

              Hehehe…I only know of such people who think that way, I’ve never met one though.

              As for the casinos according to someone on TripAdvisor, casinos seem to fail in Branson. MO is about 400 some odd miles away from IN. You referring to IN as the Hoosier State brought a smile to my face. Non native usually refer to us as Indianans…not that it bothers me, but it’s just funny to see.

              Sources which the Marie Antoinette/Lafayette incident may have been in are: “Lafayette” by Marc Leepson and “Lafayette” by Gonzaque Saint Bris (this is a translated version originally published in France, I believe).
              Perhaps this incident is only hearsay and never happened?


            • Oh, at this point, isn’t it all an author’s spin on the quote they’ve picked out? I’m guessing somewhere in between the snub and the “warm reception at the door” that Marie Antoinette gave him (Frasier) we’d find the truth.

              Good thing keeping your own memoirs was super in-style at the end of the 18th so we’ve got a bevy of resources!


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