Tiara Time: Amethyst Necklace Tiara

The Amethyst Necklace Tiara of Norway

queen sonja's amethyst necklace tiaraI’d imagine that you kids have had enough amethysting for a year by now. I thought it was funny & a little gross…so there! It would seem a crime to let the last day of February slip by without one last birthstone tiara. So let’s say ‘aloha’ to Amethysts Ahoy Theme Week(s) in style.

The Amethyst Necklace tiara is a relatively new tiara, especially when compared to yesterday’s Napoleonic Amethysts. This tiara, part of a parure as well actually, was given to Queen Sonja by King Harald V of Norway. The aderezo consists of drop earrings, the convertible drop necklace that becomes a tiara when mounted on its frame; two bracelets that can be combined to form a necklace and a brooch with a drop pendant. Below, Queen Sonja shows us how it wear it both ways.

queen sonja of norway in amethyst necklace tiara

(left) Queen Sonja wears the drop-earrings and the “necklace option”; (right) the “tiara option” with earrings and the two bracelets linked to form another necklace

Sometime around 2004, Queen Sonja gave the parure to her daughter-in-law, Crown Princess Mette-Marit. The princess was first seen wearing the tiara at the pre-wedding celebrations for Crown Prince Frederik’s wedding in Denmark. Having provided the Norwegian throne with an heir not more than a month prior, some speculate the plum parure was Mette-Marit’s “motherhood gift”.

crown princess mette-marit in Amethyst Necklace tiara

I love the “Oh you!” admonishing smile she’s got going on in the pink dress.

More recently, the convertible tiara-necklace was seen in Stockholm at Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding in 2010. Mette-Marit loaned the Amethyst tiara to Princess Märtha-Louise.

crownPrincess Martha Louise in Amethyst Necklace tiaraThe main complaint I hear about convertible tiaras is that they tend to be sparse when used as headgear. Do you agree? Does it come off as a dinky tiara?

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3 Responses to Tiara Time: Amethyst Necklace Tiara

  1. Angelyn says:

    I think the tiara is a little overwhelmed by the hairstyle in the last set of photos. Very pretty, though.


    • It’s funny that you say that the dainty tiara gets eclipsed by the hairdo…one other tiara blogger feels dinky tiaras like this only look good when “backed up by” a substantial hairdo.

      It just seems like a starter tiara to me. Probably doesn’t weigh much…definitely not my favorite of Amethyst week


  2. Titanic Buff says:

    “Does it come off as a dinky tiara?”

    Yeah it does. You’ve shown us other tiaras that I like better. This one just doesn’t have much oomph going for it.


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