Tiara Time! A Gala Dinner in Sweden means tiaras on VIDEO!

Oh yeah! A tiara event! Before I blow all the fun, I’ll let you ogle for yourselves.

This past Monday the King & Queen of Sweden hosted a gala dinner in honor of Abdullah Güll, the President of Turkey’s state visit. I’m certain you got a good look at Silvia wearing Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara, made with over 500 diamonds. These brilliants peak into spires that look like they could scratch a cloud, given the right altitude. Indeed, she was stunning.

queen silvia in the Nine Prong tiara with Ahmet Davutoglu

Queen Silvia chats with Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu

The Crown Princess wore the “other” steel cut bandeau, which is more of a bandeau in fashion. 

Crown Princess Victoria at 3/11/13 state dinner

It was described on the Swedish Royal Family’s official webpage as a “steel tiara” but it was too low to be THE Napoleonic Steel-Cut Tiara…unless it has a detachable piece! Ooh, tiara mystery! No time for tiresome Scooby-Doo allusions. On with the tiaras!

If you smell 2 Tiara Time posts barreling down the pike, you’ve got one helluva nose.

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9 Responses to Tiara Time! A Gala Dinner in Sweden means tiaras on VIDEO!

  1. stanzebla says:

    I can’t help it, I prefer tiaras over head scarves.


  2. Angelyn says:

    Queen Silvia’s tiara was indeed stunning. It’s easy to see where the Crown Princess gets her chin.


  3. teamgloria says:


    never seen a royal procession with headscarves – modern (or rather ancient) customs indeed.

    and couldn’t work out why we kept peering in confusion at the screen – of course! all that shaking-hands and no-curtseying – never seen that before (having grown up in the kingdom that is still somewhat united).



    we must get one to wear while writing in bed in los angeles.


  4. I think that I shall never understand royal families. So the last person to kill lots of people and overrun lands became king and now all of his descendants are royal? Just doesn’t make sense to me.


    • It makes even less sense to me! I’m not a monarchist, I just like sparkly things. Some of these royals didn’t even have to kill anybody to be king, it was just handed to them or they were elected by other countries. Ex. the Greek Royal family was chosen by England and a few other countries. They aren’t Greek, I believe the original king was just from a princely Germanic house.

      The mind reels.


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