More “Vogue” Eye Candy

Movie Friday?

Yesterday’s sweeping Vogue photo of the cast of “Marie Antoinette” was met with your enthusiasm, dearest readers. Naturally, your Blog Hostess said, “What the hell! Let’s post a few more!” Give the people what they want! So here, happy Friday, mis colegas.

vogue marie antoinette movie

Kirsten Dunst poses for Vogue magazine in costume from the 2006 film

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4 Responses to More “Vogue” Eye Candy

  1. teamgloria says:


    especially so with all those underpetticoats and the lounging-on-satin-backed-chairs.

    oh for a day off in Versailles.


  2. Divine, indeed. I also love the satin furniture! One day soon, I’ll re-create a little Petit Trianon inspired room to call my very own, starting with a fainting couch in pink, of course. With a little gold card table for my laptop and books! T.


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