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I know…I had one of those “off weeks” and next thing I know, I missed the royal shakedown in Amsterdam! Well, we won’t cry over spilled Salmon-Billecarte, I’m sure everyone else in the universe wrote about it. So let’s get nostalgic, do the opposite and put up a nice pic of Queen Beatrix’s coronation.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at her coronation

Nostalgia’s fun…

So here’s a nice little video about the life of Queen. Beatrix…well I guess she’s Princess Beatrix now. Doesn’t ring right, does it? Well, definitely not the “Dowager Queen,” that’s too dowdy…or too ‘Downton.’  Take your pick. How about “Princess Supreme” or Ultra-Mega Madame la Royale? Ok, so it’s a work in progress…I haven’t started drinking yet. Just watch the video.

Princess Maxima in Mellerio Ruby Tiara at Luxembourg Royal Wedding

What’s the most exciting part about the new king in Amsterdam? MORE MAXIMA! I just can’t wait to see what she’ll be rocking as the Royal Consort!   (In case nobody remembers the lovefest we had over her red dress at the Luxembourg royal wedding, check out this Tiara Time: golly can Maxima rock those rubies!

Can’t wait  see what she’s got on deck! Oh sorry, Willem…we’re stoked about you too. Wouldn’t it be great if she sold this dress for charity? Or just mailed it to me? heh…

Alright, kiddies,  your Blog Hostess with all her marbles tomorrow….maybe Monday.

What about you guys? What’s your favorite Maxima look? Or better, who’s your favorite princess of “this generation” and why? 

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25 Responses to Your Blog Hostess, the slacker

  1. Clanmother says:

    Great to have you back!! Beatrix of the Netherlands is gracious, elegant and a joy to watch.


  2. belocchio says:

    One can only imagine the absolute delirious celebrations in Amsterdam this May. Queen’s Day alone was insane – everyone looking for something to sell or buy!. We lived in Amsterdam just off Beethovenstratt. One day my daughter and I were shopping in a jewelery store in our neighborhood. Just leaving the shop was Maxima with a young daughter. We couldn’t see any escorts or guards – she was just a regular Mom doing some morning shopping. Virginia


  3. aubrey says:

    Oh, goodness, there should be more royals named Maxima. What a marvelous, delirious name.


  4. I take it she mailed the dress forthwith. If not, why not. And if it didn’t also include that wondrous tiara, then she’s not the Maxima I thought she was!


  5. Jolly Maxima but I still favor Mary of Denmark much more… She’s ever so stylish I’m wondering if she’s going to be out of posh ideas this century… regarding her garments, obviously.


  6. Why have you got Sofia up there at the top as well?

    Anyway, what’s wrong with Queen Mother? A perfectly reasonable title. Princess is a silly title for someone who has been a queen.


    • A two-fer! Sweet!
      As far as Sofía, it was impossible to cut her out. I’m pretty sure that collage was left over from a post about the Mellerino Ruby Parure: a tiara that hadn’t been seen in years. The pic may be illustrating the first time Bea was seen wearing it…I’d have to dig back to see.

      The princess vs. dowager queen debate has no end! I think the term “Queen Mum” is only used in the UK. “Dowager Queen” is just too lock-her-in-a-home-she’s-definitely-going-crackers for my taste. I do agree “princess” is a total downgrade. First class to storage hold downgrade.

      A lot of monarchies have their nomenclature quirks. Like how the daughters of the King of Spain are called ‘infantas’. Ick! Who’d want to be an infant instead of a princess? At least Cristina & Elena have a slew of extra courtesy titles!

      Thanks for your comment! Hope you become a regular ’round here!


      • It’s interesting they look similar too. Although given the inter-relationships among the European houses perhaps not.

        Of course, there is no King Dad title 😀 I personally like Queen Mother, eminently sensible. Which led me to muse about why the spouses of British queens are only ever Princes but the women get made up to queenship? A rather nice piece of reverse inequality there for once. Which explains why there are no King Dads.

        I’m not hugely up on royalty, although a few years ago when I watched Spanish TV (and read some of the papers mainly for the free gifts) I did pick up on some of the European happenings. Yes, Infanta is a stupid name. What’s wrong with Princesa? It’s not as though Felipe is called Infanto.

        And I’m definitely up on jewellery. Not my thing at all! I spotted your comment on Cotton Boll’s (I think) about grammar so couldn’t resist a quick peek over here.

        I suppose they could always go Latin and have something like Beatrix Regina? We still have Latin on some of our coins – D G Reg F D.


        • Awesome reply! I definitely like the Latin idea. Maybe I’ll just toss the term about here…I do tend to give everything a moniker.

          As far as being ‘into’ royals, I’m not really. I dig history and sparkly things. It’s the only explanation I can come up with for why I host a site called “Tiaras and Trianon”. The other explanation is that I found an audience and I’m such a people-pleaser it’s crippling.

          Yes! I am a grammar-whore. I taught ESL for 11 years & always the advanced levels. [I just couldn’t stand coaxing a group of level 2s into saying “The pen is blue” by repeating myself over and over again.]

          By mentioning THAT, it brings me to what we really have in common: it appears we’re both ex-pats who live(d) in Spain. How long have you been in Gibraltar?

          Happy to have you aboard. I love having a diverse group of commentary as much as I love reading blogs that have little-to-nothing to do with my own.


          • I left the UK in 2001. It seems like a lifetime ago. But there again I left Aus in 1986, even longer and had such a great time there. Gib for six years. It’s our main home now but I have just spent the past week at our finca.

            I am slack with grammar on my blogs. I save my best efforts for formal written work.

            I also like a diverse group of readers. I have no idea why some of them read my blogs but there you go.


            • ¿En qué pueblo se encuentra vuestra finca?


            • Cerca de Torre del Mar. en La Axarquía, provincia de Málaga.

              There are plenty of pix floating around on roughseas and a couple on my everypic blog too. just key in finca on roughseas for a search for relevant posts.

              I can never be bothered with that first question mark, well done.

              I follow a few Spanish blogs, apart from interest, I find it useful. It usually goes that I write in Spanish on theirs and they reply the same, and they write in English on mine. Or we mix it. Me da igual.

              Interestingly Gibraltarians mix their speech, mostly Spanish but many/most can’t read and write it. My partner had to fix the settings on a mobile for someone (gibbo) who couldn’t work it out because it was in Spanish.


            • I had to go back to our conversation to figure out what you meant by “first question mark”! Most native speakers don’t bother either! I just “rigged” my keyboard to make ¿ more accessible. Don’t get used to it, I cut my share of corners.

              I’d love to know which Spanish blogs you follow. Having said that, it irritates me beyond belief when a Spaniard wants to speak English. I feel like I’m working & not getting paid. I speak Spanish at home so I find it a bit insulting laboring through a conversation in mediocre English rather than communicating on the same level in Spanish. Sorry, I don’t know from where that mini-rant materialized. I guess you know one of my pet peeves now too!


            • The English of the Spanish blogs I follow is pretty good anyway, most of them seem blilingual. Certainly two Spanish speakers often writes posts in English.

              We speak both at home, often mixing them which is a trait of llanito that’s muy facile to get into (por ejemplo).

              On the firm my partner works for the common language is Spanish. He’s working with four or five Moroccans and a Rumanian. The English extends to thank you, money, and overtime. Last year his workmates were Spanish.

              I’ll look up the links of the blogs.


            • I wasn’t referring to websites just my own daily experiences…I apologize if I offended you somehow.


            • “Certainly two Spanish speakers often writes posts in English.”

              Hmmm. Really? After all your pontificating?


            • at the firm for which my partner works
              (ref. paragraph 1; last sentence)


            • the English extends to–thank you–money and overtime

              otherwise it seems as if the entire English populace goes out of its way to laud accolades upon me.


  7. Not at all. I was just giving written and verbal examples. I do have some sympathy for people that want to learn a language and can’t because the locals won’t let them! Gibraltarians are notorious for it because of being brought up bilingual. I can’t imagine coming here without speaking Spanish as you would never get to learn it.

    The irony is that people often tell my partner he speaks decent Spanish (albeit with a mix of Welsh and Australian accent in there) and then they complain that Brits who have been living here much longer don’t speak a word of it. They can’t. As soon as they open their mouth, Gibbos switch into English. Anyway, enough of linguistics!


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