a Tiaras and Trianon Public Service Announcement

We all have our problems.dowton-dowager-countess

Your own mother-in-law isn’t acerbic enough so you need your dose of the Dowager Countess. There aren’t enough outdated inheritance laws mandating your distant cousin inherit all of your dad’s assets. Or maybe the season finale of Mad Men left a fashion void in your life. Where will you get your vintage hat fix now?!

downton abbey jewelry

“We just love that Don Draper. Nothing more irresistible than a flawed protagonist.”

If any of the above struck a chord, it sounds like you’re planning on kicking back this summer with some Downton Abbey. (Go on, admit it. Your Blog Hostess is, so you’re in excellent company.) Not so fast! If catching up with the Crawleys on Netflix was your plan We have some grave news.

As of July 1st “Downton Abbey” will no longer be available on Netflix streaming. Sometime later this year Seasons 1 & 2 will no longer air on Hulu Plus either.

(cue dramatic music. the soft thud of somebody fainting and dropping to the floor is heard.)

downton tiaras cora and mother

“Like this wine, my opinion of Netflix was has turned.”

It appears the less popular Amazon Prime Instant Video has purchased the rights to be the exclusive “digital provider” of the popular PBS series. Amazon already owns the lady cora in a tiarastreaming rights to Season Three as well as the two upcoming seasons. As far as We can tell, the first three seasons are still be available for for purchase on iTunes. However, We cannot say if Downton 1 – 3 will still be available via the traditional Netflix disc-by-mail system as we discontinued that service the second they jacked the prices up 200%.

We can see some of you rolling your eyes. “Duh, Blog Hostess. this info is soooo two months ago.” We just noticed now, as “available until July 1” now appears in very fine print underneath the program description on Netflix. It wasn’t there before. So it’s news to Us.

Whether you, dear reader, already knew this or happen to be a member of Amazon Prime (We are not), there is one universal truth that applies to us all.

downton abbey tiarasLess than five days remain to get your fix of Downton tiaras! That’s an emergency to which We can all relate.

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5 Responses to a Tiaras and Trianon Public Service Announcement

  1. Angelyn says:

    Doh! I didn’t know about this–how bloody awful.


  2. thefirstdark says:

    Little known secret: if you have a student email address (ie. One ending in .edu) you can sign up and get 6mths of Amazon Prime FREE. Go there now before they remove that option too! Lol


    • Ah, it’s been awhile since I had a skidmore.edu address. Back then our server was Eudora and was featured on the old school green-and-black screens. It blows my mind how far technology has come in under a decade.


      • thefirstdark says:

        I Know, Right? lol And yes, I amazingly attempted online classes at my alma-mater, reopened my degree –bad idea, but the only reason I know about the whole student thing. lol But i will say this — if you buy as many obscure books as i do, Amazon Prime is WELL worth it. $80 per year for free UPS 2nd Day Air and Amazon Prime whenever you want (they amazingly have a MILLION regular shows online — moreso than netflix in my humble opinion. as well as documentaries if ur a history buff like me!) and you get next day air for $3.99 per item no matter what the item. I’ve renewed mine for 3yrs now; I only stopped renewing it this year when I decided to be an at home mommy/student but then found the student ‘loophole’ — happy hunting, either way doll! 😉


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