the best in marie antoinette shopping: salt and pepper shakers

How long has it been since We’ve had a “Best in Marie Antoinette Shopping?” That’s what your Blog Hostess asked herself on the long flight home from EWK to LAX this Monday.

As if reading Our interior monologue, the US Postal Service actually managed to blow Our mind by delivering the first item of bulk mail that We refuse to label “junk.” (No, you did not read that incorrectly, even if it was borderline run-on.)

We’d never heard of the Victorian Trading Company before but–boy!–had they heard of Us. (Read: Freedom of Information Act divulged personal info.) After a gleeful flip-through and pointings-out of wish-list items to the husband, * this perennial best-seller practically posted itself.

marie antoinette salt and pepper shakers

Which is the crueler dandruff joke? Salt that comes from the head or the shoulders? (P&G, I’m waiting for my endorsement check. I know you’re good for it.)

Naturally, the well-versed M@ fan will find this item rife with anachronism. We all know that even if the years-imprisoned “Widow Capet” had access to 1793’s fashions, she wouldn’t be dressed and poufed as such. This seasoning dispenser harkens back to the 1775 coronation look when the last dauphine became the Last Queen of France.

coronation marie antoinette vs. widow capet collage

“Right” is historically accurate but “Left” sells salt shakers, apparently.

Of course, every salt-and-pepper set has its silver lining. Everyone from the fierce monarchist to the history buff to the tchotchke-addict has the opportunity to re-write history and reduce their sodium intake by recapitating M@ at every meal.

marie antoinette salt and pepper shakerAnd that last sentence might be Our favorite of the year. I mean, how often do you say that about anything?


*Mr. Blog Hostess replied I wasn’t getting ANY Victorian Trading goodies until I put the freakin’ tape measure away.

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Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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10 Responses to the best in marie antoinette shopping: salt and pepper shakers

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Subtle yet sophisticated!! A must have for fromal settings!
    What a hoot!! Love it~


  2. Lady M says:

    Ahaha! This is hilarious and I do not even care for salt. I might purchase it for the cheeky humor . . .


  3. You are so funny! I love your wit! I just checked the website. The copy is incredible. “Off with her head” kicks-off the sales pitch. Whoa. There’s also a cookie jar?! “The indulgent diva with the fancy do is now opting for chocolate chips rather than cake. Hand painted porcelain with gold leaf flourishes. 15″.”


    • Wow. A porcelain shaker set for only $25? Not bad. Have you ever wondered why nobody can differentiate between M@ & the Queen of Hearts? Poor girl. Nice turn of phrase w/the cookies and “let them eat cake!” (A bit embarrassed that I didn’t think of that myself, but we’ll say I was distracted by the baseball game.)
      Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  4. Angelyn says:

    You’ll not have time to devote to this delightful blog if you run off to P&G.


  5. Titanic Buff says:

    No way! A friend introduced me to this company earlier this year but these shakers went over my head. *gasp*

    A salty Marie Antoinette on every table. Huzzah!


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