Windsors Aren’t Seth MacFarlane’s First Royal Send-up

family guy and the british royal familyEvery British Media source is already abuzz with the news that November 4th episode “Family Guy” of be a send-up of the British Royal family. The above drawing was released yesterday almost immediately after the release of the new “official” Windsor family portrait. (I guess it was a slow news day in the UK, no mention has been made of it in the US media.) Although, I must voice issue with Sky News or the Daily Mirror for saying “It’s no secret that Americans love the Royal Family.” Well, don’t we have and ego?

Perhaps “a curious fascination” would be a more accurate term, yet still only accounting for 20% of the population, tops.  Monarchies are so very foreign to us–no pun intended–and the press would have us believe that the British Royal Family is the only one that exists. (Please. The Swedish Royal Family would be much more popular than the Windsors if America even knew Sweden had a monarchy. One look at Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine would shock the hell out of some. Who knew that royals can be exceptionally good-looking? Fox News sure doesn’t want you to know.)

Back to the subject at hand. The cartoon’s caption reads “Family Guy takes on the Royal Family for the first time” and they couldn’t be more wrong.

I love Seth MacFarlane’s cartoons and–no–I’m not a 14 year-old boy. I do wonder why it took the Family Guy writers so long to pick on the Windsors. Everyone from “Kids in the Hall” to “the Naked Gun” has spoofed on Elizabeth II. Seth MacFarlane’s other show, American Dad, kind of beat FG to the punch and they displayed enough cultural awareness to “cast” a king and queen that aren’t burning through the tabloid rags. In October 2009, Harald and Sonja of Norway had brief cameo at a dinner scene with Roger. (This time masquerading as a dictator of a small island nation à la “Moon Over Parador.”)

American Dad Norwegian Royals

If the emeralds in Sonja’s tiara were square, it would have been spot-on.

Unfortunately, neither Harald nor Sonja had a speaking part. Drag. “Family Guy” finally caught up two-and-a-half years later.  No, I’m not talking about that “Chap of the Manor” episode from last season that every other UK news-spot mentioned. That episode wasn’t really a send up of the Windsors at all. There is the briefest interaction with Prince Charles when Peter and his drinking buddies watch a parade when the Queen passes through their stereotypically quaint, pub-lined village.

January 29, 2012 was actually FG’s first barb on the Windsors. (I thought it was hilarious. Not because I dislike Kate, just because it’s so inanely funny.)

Unlike Bill Clinton, who has made more comedic cartoon cameos than anybody, “Family Guy” boasts a short list of Royal Family jokes but this opportunist episode–it airs the same day as last season’s box set is released–certainly wasn’t MacFarlane’s first.

american dad francine smith as marie antoinetteMore to the point, there was an episode of “American Dad” that would obviously amuse the bejeezus our of Your Blog Hostess. Roger and Francine attempt to crash the French Diplomat’s Costume Ball, decked in full Louis Seize style.

I admit, there are few of us but what fan of royals and Seth MacFarlane cartoons wouldn’t delight over Francine Smith dressed a Marie Antoinette?  Pouf adorned like Mr. Leonard was there to draw it himself. The dress, however, mixes a few fashions: the decolletage and off-the-shoulder arm-holes suggest a gran corps while the sash and skirt are more reminiscent of the lévite: a style that came much later during ‘Toinette’s Petit Trianon days.




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