the tiara time roster!

sweden's princesses victoria and madeleineWe here at Tiaras and Trianon are thrilled to announce a new reference page up top, right next to the ever-popular “Tiara Terminology” category. It’s a quick-reference glossary about every piece of jewelry We’ve covered to date. I know! It’s such a logical idea why didn’t We do it sooner? Because logic was involved. We don’t do logic well. This post is simply to bring this new tiara tool to your attention. (Your Blog Hostess is such a space cadet it could take months before noticing something new.)

So…tah-dahhhh! [Amp up your own fanfare here.] CLICK HERE TO VISIT NEW PAGE.

wedding tiaras of the crown princesses victoria, mette-marit, máxima and maryNow finding a specific tiara is quick and easy like a TV dinner. It’s also neat to see them all lined up like that. The crown jewels are organized by country, then alphabetically.

The jury’s still out on what to call this new page. “Crown Jewels by Country” would be almost too accurate. I’m a fan of “Tiara Time Roster,” but that is rather nebulous. [Can jewelry play baseball?] “Tiara and Gem Index” is so blah…We’re working on it. The important part is that it’s there to help you, my darling readers! So for now We’re calling it “click here.

young queen elizabeth II in Canada Day BroochThe other speed-bump in nomenclature being “Tiara Time” is not just about tiaras; there are plenty of necklaces, bracelets & brooches in that list as well. So We went for the alliteration, not accuracy. The important thing is that everything is shiny, Yeah. Many crown jewels are grouped together. Example: a parure is one post, We don’t itemize.

Darya-ye-Noor pink diamond

Your Blog Hostess has wondered more than once how many “Tiara Times” we’ve had so far.  It’s a grey-ish area for two reasons. Somehow the Diamond Daisy Tiara got blogged about twice and there have been a few posts that featured two baubles or more. The initial count itself came to 55 which seemed quite low; Blog Hostess perception must be hyperbolic, I guess.  I was also shocked to see how many English gems have been covered. Great Britain’s collection is vast but not my favorite. And only one Danish tiara? Scandalous! (What would my Danish forefathers say?)

Here’s to all the “Tiara Times” to come. And here’s to you, dear readers, for making it possible. In fact, let’s leave it up to your suggestions: What should the new “tiara glossary” be named?

tiara collage

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Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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5 Responses to the tiara time roster!

  1. Angelyn says:

    Because logic was involved

    That totally got me.


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