tiara time! the amethyst winners

Listen up amethysters sisters–sorry couldn’t resist, ahem–we had wondered when an appropriate time would be to close the Favorite Amethyst Tiara thing-y we had going on over

can-shaped cranberry sauce on silver dish

everything’s silver service here at Tiaras and Trianon…

the long weekend. And the week that followed. Ahem. life is exhausting sometimes! shut up! Then We recalled leaving this [glance right!] on the table, it’s going on two weeks now. Let’s choose to remember her as she was: the perfect clone of a 12 oz. tin can but made of cranberry-related, disco-dancin’ somehow not dessert.

and that’s how We say ‘thank you’

You know I’m joshin’ ya! A million knee-splintering curtseys to show our gratitude. You balloted the sh•t out of those tiara options! I was sort of hoping there’d be a write-in. Pat MacGrain or something. heh.

Well, the votes are in! (Is it a law that We say that?) Queen Mary’s Amethyst Parure and Queen Alexandra’s “Mystery” Tiara tied for the win…right down to the decimal! No landslides here…it’s a tiara-topia. The Amethyst Necklace tiara wasn’t far behind with almost 18%. *nod our head. finger pyramid of evil contemplation* Tiaratopia.

surprises and I-told-you-so’s (Yeah, you try noun-ing that sh•t

tiaras and trianon amethyst tiara voteWe were surprised that the Napoleonic Amethysts didn’t receive more adulation. Perhaps We’re biased; we just adore the entire Bernadotte collection. (By the way, I saw amongst my search terms how many tiaras are in the Swedish Collection? In answer to whomever asked, the nobody knows how many the Swedish Royal family has. A spokesperson recently commented that the number of tiaras in their collection is vast. There are many that nobody knows about. Imagine that!

Conversely, We were are appalled that the Hohenhole-Langberg tiara actually scored ten percent of anything!  It’s so chintsy and–yuck—beauty pageant-esque. For once we can actually say, that’s a tiara We’d pass on! Did that sound bitchy? Sorry if it did. It’s just the sum of it’s parts is worthless. Can’t it be used for good somehow? Like french oak casks the scotch-makers buy second-hand from wineries. Yay flavorful! Mil perdones…where the hell’s my point?

royal amethyst tiarasto do a little wrong to make a great right

hohenlohe langenburg floral amethyst tiara

even xenia looks miffed about wearing a Texas beauty pageant 2nd place tiara

Ah, the Hohe-Lang tiara. Ick. just ick. Your blog hostess was also shocked that the Marques of Tavistock tiara (2) tied such a dumpster fire!. Look at the deep plum of the Tavistock stones and then those washed-out losers the Hohenhole Langberg Floral tiara forces us to look at…live knowing they’re out there somewhere…How do we even sleep at night. Grab the torches and the pitchforks!

At the end of the day, the Londonderry Siberian Amethysts are the most dazzling specimen; by the book perfect they is! But for the love of Pete the “tiara” they set it into is conjures images of mutant Mickey Mouse ears. [Pardon the upcoming expression ‘cos I hate it too.] Get a clue Londonderry owners! wtf indeed!

There is only one amethyst offense that’s beyond ick, even when next to that dinky, piece of tin Hohohen-Langenburg Floral Amethyst tiara. Anna Wintour (4) wearing the  necklace from Queen Mary’s parure with that eye-sore of a dress. I’ve seen better patterns in motel curtains! *shudder*

princess marie-astrid in the amethyst and pearl bandeau tiara of luxembourg

princess marie-astrid was a von Trapp child in an alternate timeline…

Based on your preferences can we say there’s a big soft-spot for cushion-cut, rounded stones? The Marques of Tavistock tiara and the Queen Mary are rocking ’em. Why do I feel like we’re talking about riverboats suddenly? Blog hazards. Can’t be avoided. And we’ve discovered more rounded amethyst chaplets! A lovely 19th Century satoir (1) from a German Princely family plus the duchess of Luxembourg, Stéphanie de Lannoy (5) in the infrequently seen Amethyst and Pearl bandeau. The same one Princess Marie-Astrid (left) made famous in the 70s. (Yeah, I don’t know why We just tagged that pic with her name and, yes, We are aware We skipped number 3.)

More plum baubles to come! oooh. ahh.

queen alexandra's mystery amethyst tiaraPersonally, I’m not 100% in love with Queen Alexandra’s tiara. Those upside-down tear-drops

queen alexandra in mystery amethyst tiara

I’ve always envied that happening “Kid-n-Play” hairdo of Alexandra’s.

look like exclamation points to me. The last thing your Blog Hostess needs is to appear shocked to surprise all day.

And how could we possibly wrap up our vote on February’s birthstone without addressing the yew-hedge coiffure Alix kinged with the Mystery tiara? That’s how the queen avoided that “taken-aback” expression We so fear. She strategically distanced inverted-teardrops (!) from her eyebrows! Yes! Nailed it! Queen Alix looks like she’s been distilled in boredom for decades.

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Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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6 Responses to tiara time! the amethyst winners

  1. Angelyn says:

    The Hohenlohe dynasty was German — then comes the image of torches and pitchforks (to the lumberyard!) Another Young Frankenstein moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. belocchio says:

    Amethysts. Take them out of the tiaras. Put them in a crystal bowl – in the moonlight. THAT is how I would “wear” my amethysts. Virginia

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. renevague3 says:

    The tiara posted above Queen Alexandra is not hers, it doesn’t have the little prong things between the ovals. It seems to be a c. 1900 Cartier diamond and amethyst tiara currently housed in the Palazzo Pitti’s Museo degli Argenti in Florence, Italy. http://www.museumsinflorence.com/musei/silver_museum.html


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