tiara time thursday: the Topaz and Pearl Bandeau of Luxembourg

tiaras on thursday?

As you all know, We typically don’t do tiaras on Thursday (that’s somebody else’s gig) but we’ve had these two Luxembourger bandeaux on the brain ever since the Amethysts Ahoy wrap-up.

citrine and Pearl Bandeau tiara closeupThere is a common misconception out there that this bandeau is made of citrine stones. The stones that link those pearl festoons are actually topaz. Our darling Angelyn [see her comment below] read up on these honey-colored baubles and found the properties did not match with those of a citrine. Furthermore, your Blog Hostess is an idiot, she’s been writing about jewelry for a few years now and never once thought to ask her uncle–who is a certified jeweller–for any input. We finally did and he confirmed that these stones are indeed topaz. Don’t you love how the Internet is 100% accurate?

The tiara had been pretty much forgotten until Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore it at a Citrine bandeau tiara Grand Duchess Maria TeresaGerman State banquet in 2012. She paired it with a fabulous orange, Greek-goddess dress by Elli Saab. The grand duchess also seems to be sporting matching earrings and a necklace. Could this bandeau be part of a mini-parure?

There is plenty of conjecture and very little information about this tiara, mainly because nobody had seen it in a while, most likely since this picture of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was taken, and that, we can all agree, was a little while ago!

Just like the identity of the honey-hued stones, nobody’s sure who made this tiara, so We’ll never be sure if those earrings were made to go with the bandeau or if it’s just a happy coincidence. Maria Teresa is wearing them at the right and in the above photos in 2012. Most recently, the Citrine Bandeau was spotted on Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie de Lannoy at the Swedish Royal wedding of Princess Madeleine to Chris O’Neil on June 8, 2013. Stéphanie was wearing the same earrings but I think it’s a different necklace than the one Maria Teresa’s wearing above.

hereditary grand duke guillaume and stephanie at Swedish Royal wedding

The bandeau originally belonged to Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte who left it to her daughter-in-law Maria Teresa in 2005. Now We know that you have a choice in tiara blogs and we thank you for choosing Tiaras and Trianon. What other upgrades are there to flying T&T, Lady Blog Hostess? Well, every other tiara website out there seems to think there is no existing photo of Josephine-Charlotte in the Citrine/Topaz bandeau. Well bam! how do you like these apples?

citrine and pearl bandeau worn by GD Josephine-Charlotteyes, We are aware that this appears to be shameless self-promotion; you know we’re not like that here. We’ve tagged it as such so nobody can snipe the images it takes hours for me to find. Ha ha! (Finger Pyramid of Evil contemplation.)

Princess Alexandra in the Citrine and Pearl bandeau Princess AlexandraAh, we have one concrete fact more for y’all: Princess Alexandra wore the tiara in 2011, although the photo looks much older. I wonder how it was a revelation to see the Citrine and Pearl Bandeau in 2012 but nobody noticed it just one year earlier? Poor Princess Alexandra, not enough paparazzi to go around.

The princess has a lovely profile, wouldn’t you agree?

what to you think? would you rock the Citrine-and-Pearl Bandeau?

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6 Responses to tiara time thursday: the Topaz and Pearl Bandeau of Luxembourg

  1. aurumeve says:

    Gorgeous! I’m going with Citrine…
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry


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