tiara time: the Amethyst-and-Pearl Bandeau

stephanie of luxembourg in the "amethyst and pearl" and the "citrine/topaz and pearl bandeau"

Stephanie is on a streak of some kind…I wonder if it’s a superstition.

From merely looking at this tiara, you can tell when We mentally paired it with the Citrine and Pearl Bandeau. Heck, you can just look at the name to see the similarities. But there’s so much more! Both have a shrug-your-shoulders, “I dunno”-type provenance, no one knows the designer and Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte was the original owner of both the amethyst and citrine-and-pearl diadems. Unlike the Amethyst-and-Pearl bandeau, We’ve actually uncovered a photo of Josie wearing the Citrine-and-Pearl bandeau. A T&T exclusive…no other tiara websites have one! Ha ha! We rule! and you rule for reading us. One more common trait? Both of these diadems are classified as “bandeaux” in case you hadn’t noticed in the title.

stephanie de lannoy in the amethyst and pearl bandeau luxembourgHereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie wore the Amethyst and Pearl on Luxembourg’s National Day of this year. It was a big “wow” as no one had seen it in ages. It also divulged a pattern in tiara-preference for the new hereditary grand duchess. Check out the necklace she’s wearing. It must weight a ton! But the stones are so smooth and shiny…envy!

the seventies princesses and tiara semantics

princess marie astrid amethyst and pearl bandeau largeBefore Stephanie resurrected it, the bandeau was frequently seen in the 70s, encircling the noggins of Grand Duke Jean’s daughters: Princesses Margaretha and Marie-Astrid. Maybe Josie-Charl felt that the bandeau was more of a “starter tiara” than something befitting a Grand Duchess. If you have access to the Luxembourg Empire Tiara, then why waste your time draping a bracelet over your hair? [This is my imaginary thought-pattern of Josephine-Charlotte.] Between Princess Margaretha and Princess Marie-Astrid  Grand Duke Henri’s sisters, legend tells that it was the particular favorite of Princess Marie-Astrid. The now-Archduchess was just adorable in it, let’s princess marie astrid in amethyst and pearl bandeaunot lie to ourselves. Oh, and Astrid, this whole satin-sash thing with the dress: it works.That  She looks like one of the von Trapp children…a pixie that romping in the deep forest.

Now the most important thing to remember is the nomenclature when dealing with the limitless collection of Luxembourg. Keeping in mind to always use “and pearl” in regard to this particular bandeau, let’s take a look at the other Nassau-Weilburg amethyst bandeau, shall we?

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4 Responses to tiara time: the Amethyst-and-Pearl Bandeau

  1. e1aine says:

    These are so pretty – and just that bit less formal than a tiara. I want to have a go at making one!


  2. Angelyn says:

    Astrid does make one think of “girls in white dresses with satin sashes.” Just a few fav things.


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