tiara time: the amethyst bandeau of luxembourg

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in the Amethyst Bandeau of Luxembourg

Isn’t it the same necklace from yesterday though?

As not to be confused with yesterday’s Luxembourger bandeau of amethysts and pearls, here amethyst bandeau and the amethyst and pearl bandeau of luxembourgis yet another bandeau from Luxembourg…will it ever end Luxembourg? How many bandeaux are you gonna pull out of that milk crate?

Heck, I think you could wear that mouth-watering necklace as a bandeau itself. Look at the size of those rocks!

So let’s get a rather blurry side-by-side view of the two amethyst bandeaux. (Yes, my photo-sharpening skills are weak.)

After a full week of Amethysts Ahoy, here we go again, asking which you’d prefer.

Well, which one do you like better?The Rectangular Amethyst Bandeau or the Amethyst-and-Pearl bandeau?

stephanie de lannoy in the amethyst and pearl bandeau luxembourg amethyst bandeau grand duchess maria teresa in amethyst bandeau


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3 Responses to tiara time: the amethyst bandeau of luxembourg

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  2. Angelyn says:

    the regular amethyst bandeau doesn’t show up as well–a case of blonde would be better.


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