Cressida Bonas Wears Chaplet to Society Wedding

cressida bonas december 14 2013

sister’s rockin’ a chaplet y’all

You all know Us pretty well and by now it’s obvious that We don’t bend to the trends. This is the only tiara blog that hasn’t mentioned Kate’s second tiara-appearance in the Lotus Wreath. However, Christmas is lurking and We had chaplets on the brain then this shows up in the Daily Mail.

we step out of character

Cressida Bonas (who looks like total jail-bait; seriously Harry? Did you get 3 forms of ID?) attended a ‘society’ wedding yesterday wearing a faux fur-collared coat and a chaplet (aka a wreath or garland of flowers) in her hair. The flowers look clearly faux as well. Personally, I don’t think this outfit is appropriate for a wedding. If somebody showed up at my wedding looking like a biker chick who just came from a tchotchke Renaissance faire, well, I’d find it repugnant and declassé. (And it’s a crap-looking chaplet at that!) Looking more appropriately elegant was her boyfriend’s cousin: Princess Beatrice.

princess beatrice and dave clark

princess beatrice and long-time beau, dave clark (click to enlarge.)

I really dig that bag Princess Bea’s toting. Wonder who makes it. An awesome brown leather purse is on your Blog Hostess’ Christmas list.

your blog hostess isn’t an angry person…

The funniest thing about Cressida’s choice in silk floral headgear is that it strongly resembles a drug-store headband in both color, fabric and overall quality. (The headband is made by either ‘Goody’ or ‘Scrunchie,’ I can’t remember which.) We won’t say that Bonas intentionally did what everyone will assume: that Cressida was obviously seeking applause when she put this conjunto together. As if she’s trying to harvest tabloid references to how regal she looked. Hoping for mentions that “Look! She’s a natural princess,” what with that Midsummer-Night’s-Dream left-over costume scrap on her head. It will be read as a weak-sauce, transparent effort.

For f*ck’s sake, kids!

Does anyone really think this is a good look? It doesn’t have that electric contrast of leather and lace. Best case scenario, it looks like she left a dress rehearsal and forgot the chaplet anchored by bobby pin to her skull. Since we know that’s not the case…

You’d think she’d run her outfit by Beatrice, unless the Princess of York is so rheumatically polite that she’d allow the commoner to turn up wearing a sort of diadem when the event was clearly non-tiara. The bride wore no sort of headgear, to show up wearing any off-shoot of a diadem makes it look like Cressida’s trying to upstage the bride. (We all know that’s tasteless, right?)

Fine, if I’m the only person to say it then come and get me. Her outfit was completely inappropriate for someone who would hope to become a member of any royal family. If it is appropriate, it’s time to dissolve all monarchies.

[and donate all crown jewels to me. heh.]

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6 Responses to Cressida Bonas Wears Chaplet to Society Wedding

  1. Angelyn says:

    It definitely shouts “Goody!” and not in a good way.


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