It’s Here! the Tiaras and Trianon Ap!

Greetings noble gentry! Did you miss your Blog Hostess? Yes, We are prone to simply taking large chunks of time off, the entire month of January comess to mind. In order to atone for my “sabatical” We’ve got a little treat for you.

Yes, it’s the Tiaras and Trianon Ap! You too can savor the convenience of one-touch T-and-T access. Breathe, breathe. I know, palpitations of joy. The best part is that it’s incredibly easy and–even better than the best part–it’s free! Yep, that was the cue to throw your motorboards skyward…what?…well, go dig it out of the closet, dust the ol’ grad cap off and then throw it skyward.

okay, pay close attention

So you’ve got Tiaras and Trianon open in Safari (or your preferred method for Internet connection) on your smart phone or other device. If you’re running IOS7 or the previous versions, it will look something like this:

get the tiaras and trianon ap step 1Yep. Now dig the circled icons. Up top if you’re running earlier versions, down at the bottom for IOS7. Now let’s click those beauties. You will see one of these two menus manifest themselves.

get the Tiaras & Trianon ap step 2You guessed it! Click the option that is conveniently circled in magenta. Now sit back and wait for the magic to happen!

get the tiaras and trianon ap finished product

the first ten beloved readers who download the T&T ap will receive the Otto wallpaper free!

Wow. Never again will you have to type and weary your dainty dedos typing on a screen. Just hit that all-too-familiar logo that you’ve come to love and voila! Instant gratification. It opens to the home page. Consider yourselves in the loop!

the first annual Tiaras and Trianon ‘Home Screen Worthy’ Awards

otto baby kitty wallpaper

otto’s summer reading list. get crackin’

Yeah, it’s true. You can follow these instructions to create an ap out of your blog as well! Heads up! The image that appears is your Gravatar avatar, so you may want to choose one that has some sort of tie-in to your blog.

So, you may be asking yourselves, who else graces the home screen of your Blog Hostess’ devices?

We know, we know

Not everyone has Mac devices…but Mac is your Blog Hostess’ brand of choice. It didn’t take a rocket scientist, but I couldn’t even dream how to accomplish anything on a foreign phone. To each their own.  The following handy websites should be quite helpful as they were penned by folks who don’t write about tiaras and Marie Antoinette exclusively.

See you on the home screen kids! And fret not, I’ll probably make this a page up top.

ilkka zoolander posing cat

antsy to be on the internet too: ilkka goes into ‘zoolander’ mode

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6 Responses to It’s Here! the Tiaras and Trianon Ap!

  1. Clever. Super cool tutorial, with adorable cats to boot! All computer lectures, lessons, and books should feature kitties, I do believe. Otto and Ilkka are beauties. Such funny expressions! Thanks for the ap push and inspiration. Throwing on my thinking cap . . . T. (And thanks for the screen shout-out!)


    • De rien! I was going to post hyperlinks in case folks wanted to “read what Your Blog Hostess is reading” but then I just went to bed. (Sometimes I just take a cue from the cats, true.)

      The absolute irony is that I figured that out by one day pondering “I wonder what happens if I press this button?” No “tech-knowledge-y” here! (Woah, that looked better in my head.)


  2. Map of Time says:

    That is fantastic! I was totally unaware that something like this could be done. Now it’s off to go fill the tablet’s home screen up with all those lovely blogs. Standby for screenshot. 😉

    Many thanks for considering MoT as “Home Screen Worthy”, I’m truly honored.


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