Wales Gets a New Prince

From now on, Gareth Bale is the Prince of Wales.

In case you didn’t know, your Blog Hostess just adores sports and time We pounce on any  possible a link between professional sports and royals. (aka a square peg in a round hole.) Today (yesterday for most of you) was the final of the Copa del Rey [the King’s Cup] held in Estadio Mestalla, Valencia. In case you’re not a linguist, the king in question is Juan Carlos of Spain. (See? Square peg, round blog.) You don’t need any knowledge of the sport to agree Gareth Bale’s little dance move was delightful.

Oh baby…is it weird that Gareth Bale suddenly seems hotter to me? [please hold while I have palpitations.] I’m beginning to think the Wales native could leg out wing-footed Hermes.

Real Madrid and assholes Barcelona faced off for the umpteenth time in the Copa del Rey final. Naturally the man himself was there to present the silverware that bears his name. Juan Carlos sat in the stands wearing a blue suit and a peculiar orange club tie with blue stripes. Sorry, I couldn’t find a photo; then again you don’t really care what the King of Spain wore to a football match.

King Juan Carlos stood between the President of the Spanish Football League and some other guy We couldn’t identify and handed out iker casillas juan carlos copa del reysecond-place medals to Barfalona. (not a typo.) Following the allotment of the Metal Albatrosses of Mediocrity, His Royal Highness bequeathed a miniature trophy to each of the victors before handing the full-size official hardware to the team captain, as has been the custom for the past [number] years. Custom and etiquette also dictate a handshake but Sergio Ramos, whose arms frequently fail out of control elliciting yellow cards, threw his arms around the king instead. I’ve said it before, Ramos has no voluntary control of his muscles. One more royal hug was shared with team captain, Iker Casillas, before the official, full-sized trophy was handed over for brandishing to the crowd before joining his teammates on the field.

king juan carlos and iker casillas 2012This wasn’t the first hug for monarch and goalkeeper. Casillas was hugged as the captain of the national team, champions of the last two European cups and this past World Cup. (While I’m all about Real Madrid, I’m not so into Spain. Holland’s my team; consequently Andrés Iniesta is on my To Kick in the Groin list. No I don’t expect any of you to get that.

This barely-on-theme post got me thinking, an action that usually sets off the tornado warning sirens. First I wondered if Spain had ever had a Copa de la Reina. Nope. During the dictatorship, it was called the Copa del Generalísimo, in honor of my favorite dictator Generalísimo Francisco Franco. I mean how many girls are lucky enough to share a surname with a tyrant? I wonder if many people hugged el Generalísimo. 

Then I wondered how often heads of state meet with athletes…on a yearly basis. Spain’s recent success in international football aside, the Borbones de España seem to receive an athlete or a team on a fairly regular basis. What about the other monarchies and their athletic over-achievers?

I’m pretty sure that’s a question we’ll answer tomorrow. It’s tomorrow here in Los Angeles too.



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5 Responses to Wales Gets a New Prince

  1. Angelyn says:

    Oh–tiaras and futbol!! I’m a Chelsea fan meself and hoping Suarez will try to take a bite out of John Terry in the upcoming epic BPL match.

    Tottenheim has never been the same without Bale. And what did they get for all that bling when they sold him? Hmmm.


    • They’re probably using it to pay Mourinho’s salary…us Madrid people kinda have a vendetta out on that d-bag. Didn’t they get rid of Juan Mata too? He’s in United now, n’est-ce pas? Yeah, show Us the money, Chelsea!

      SO thrilled you mentioned Suarez’ dietary habits. I’ve been waiting to see him bite Samuel Eto’o since August. (Eto’o is a moron (fact) and he has a long story with Madrid as well. They grew him in the youth teams and then all this futbol gossip–I dunno, it was messy. Regardless, he’s due for a bite.

      Sooo excited to find another football and tiara fan! I wonder how many of us there are…


  2. pedmar10 says:

    hahaha well its my lifetime team and we glad to have Mr Bale with us. Nice article, cheers.


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