Dinner is Served!

Hey kids! Today we’ve got something very different for you…don’t panic, different is good. It’s a two-part collaboration with our ever-brilliant sister site “Map of Time.” It’s a cross-over, you know, like the “Jetsons Meet the Flinstones” or when Peter Griffin still shows up on “the Cleveland Show.”

Over a year ago, we came up with the idea of the six worst couples in history to have at one dinner table. To whom should we send these time-transcending invitations in order to instigate a food-fight as quickly as possible? Well, some time later it finally happened. So please enjoy:

part one of Dinner is Served…

About ♔ la dauphiine ♔

Connecticut-based jewelry monger, history buff, Mets fan. On the hum-drum side, call me a lauded poet, novelist and ghost-writer. (That's right, I haunt prose.)
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2 Responses to Dinner is Served!

  1. Angelyn says:

    I think the link may be broken-I’m ready for dinner!


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