tiara time: happy birthday audrey hepburn

audrey hepburn bandeau tiara

We have no idea which film this is from, do you?

Hey Kids! Today would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday and darned if it ain’t so, she wore tiaras in many a film! We’d be remiss not to salute Audrey and her costumers. [Usually Givenchy.]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Let’s start with her most well-known film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Your Blog Hostess keeps trying to spell it “Tiffanies.” [You know, like there’s two of ’em.] Not entirely ironic since she wears two different tiaras in the film. The first is a rhinestone ‘diamond’ aigrette that shines like a miner’s headlamp from the front of her beehive.


We just had to use that middle shot of her eating. [Fun fact: watch the movie to see if she actually swallows. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t.]

Next we have an almost-identical aigrette specimen but in pink and a bit grander. We only remembered it because of the scene when she’s come back from the bullfight with the 7th Richest Man in Brazil


[Sorry, we forgot his name. Then again one wonders if Holly Golightly just referred to him as the Seventh Richest Man in Brazil in her head.] She spears the telegram with the type of dart that bullfighters vie to plant between the bull’s shoulder blades and proclaims, “Olé!” Our question is, Where in New York does one go to catch a good bullfight? Anywho, here’s the pink one.


Roman Holiday

Moving right along to the obvious choice for this blog, we couldn’t recall if she wore a tiara only in the beginning of “Roman Holiday” or at the end as well. Unfortunately our VCR [no, you didn’t read that incorrectly] ate my copy so we’ll never know. She does look stunning in the scenes we recall though.


Very royal indeed, Princess from an unnamed country! What was her character’s name? Princess Anne? [Yes, I know I can look it up! Quiet you!] From out of nowhere we feel we need to inform you that we never liked her pixie haircut. We know it was supposed to be stylish and a symbol of her freedom…but yeesh. Quelle horror!

War and Peace

“War and Peace” is the film most people forget about, at least tiara-wise. Audrey wears at least two in this flick. One a small tiara that appears to be made of flowers and their leaves though from far away you would have thought them hearts.


We think “War and Peace” was forgettable because while watching it you know you were missing a lot of information that you would have gotten had you read the book. We spent the entire time wondering that specifically and missed most of the plot. This calls for a re-watch.

My Fair Lady


Finally, We come to “My Fair Lady” and the famous ball scene. That dress is so incredible…it might be one of our favorites. [Let’s call it a tie between that and the one Sabrina wears when she’s attends her first Laraby ball, instead of watching it from the tree.] Searching for movie stills today, we were disappointed to find the tiara wasn’t as grand as we remembered it to be. The necklace is every bit what we recall though.


Did we get all of her tiara roles or are we forgetting one? Which of the dresses is your favorite? Which of her movies is the best?

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6 Responses to tiara time: happy birthday audrey hepburn

  1. She was so regal! You didn’t like the pixie cut?? It was so cute….and I looked so cute in it. For shame!


  2. e1aine says:

    Best has to be my fair lady with Roman holiday a close second. The last tiara is less grand but so pretty.


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  4. Mark Evans says:

    The mystery Audrey Hepburn tiara is from the fashion show sequence in Funny Face.

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