King Juan Carlos to Abdicate


Well, it’s official. The monarch who shot a caged elephant will step down and el Principe de Asturias will become King Felipe VI although your Blog Hostess cannot find an official date for the handover.20140602-173543-63343224.jpg


above: Juan Carlos’ coronation in black & white and a more recent picture
Naturally, we all wonder what kind of Queen Consort Leticia will be. Personally, I find the ex-news reporter duller than a butter knife, an inspiration to anorexics and in a personality contest, the butter knife would win. She’s always scowling. I don’t think she’ll be as fabulous as Maxima or the future Queen Victoria of Sweden.

What do you think? Queen Leticia something to look forward to? Who is your favorite of this generation of crown princes?


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25 Responses to King Juan Carlos to Abdicate

  1. Angelyn says:

    well, she is having to put up with the Bourbon nose.


    • funny! I never noticed their noses before…maybe because they don’t have a lot of profile portraits taken.
      Everyone in France always complained about Marie Antoinette’s ‘Austrian” nose and her Hapsburg lip. I wonder how those two noses would compare. And shouldn’t the lip trait turn up too? I know it’s a dominant one. Hmmm…I did a post on that ages ago. Let me see if I can find it.
      Thank you for the comment and I’m so sorry it took so long to reply.


  2. Perseverance says:

    The handover is on 18 June. I like Letizia’s style but I don’t know anything about her personality. My favourite is still Crown Princess Mary. In fact, I love the Danish royal family. 🙂


  3. e1aine says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the tiaras on display (is that shallow?)


  4. pedmar10 says:

    well obviously I like them, and best wishes. it will be after the Cortes officially approved the new king which should be June 18.


  5. aubrey says:

    Letizia looks quite handsome in casual slacks and in business suits. But then again we’re talking Queen Consort in the same breath as slacks and business suits. For that, I think she will do poorly.

    Maxima. The name of all names.


    • Hi Aubrey! Thanks for your comment and do accept our apologies for the tardiness of the reply. We’ve been in Spain since June 2 and tend to ignore technology for long, leisurely strolls through Madrid.

      Back to shudder Queen Leticia. You are 100% right; slacks and pantsuits are for your high school guidance counselor or maybe a junior accountant, not the Queen Consort of España! When Leticia is in formal wear, it’s always so bleeaaach. She has access to any couture designer in the world yet she’s always so drab. Either straight bias-cut, or a color that makes her look washed out. [See dress she wore to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding.]

      To top that off, she never, ever smiles. She’s like a human audit.


  6. we didn’t even get a Tiara D: But I hear that the Spanish Economy is in dire straits and completely support the Monarchy if they were being thrifty by not burdening the people with a big coronation.


    • Dear Lady Apfel, I wrote this reply so long it could have been a post and I sign in today and it never posted! Please accept my apologies!
      No tiaras, true. It was a very informal event, an AM reception after Felipe took the oath in congress. No other royal families were invited. [Though Pau Gasol was…hmmm.] The minimalist celebration was nowhere near a tiara-event, but the lack of headgear may be chalked up to Leticia herself. Supposedly she likes simplicity and tends to avoid baubles. Boo! Yet another reason why she’s not my favorite Queen.

      As far as the economy and the public’s opinion of the Spanish Bourbons, it’s quite poor. [Yes, both economy and public approval.] To go into detail, I think we’ll just do a post instead. If I go into it here, you’ll be reading ’til next Tuesday!

      Thank you for commenting and your patience!


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