the best in Tiaras & Trianon Shopping

Hey kids! Remember when we used to do those “Best in Marie Antoinette Shopping” posts? [It’s a category. Check it out. Go on.] Anywho…I was on Amazon the other day searching a book on Queen Victoria Eugenia. The biography did not materialize, these came up instead.

authentic fabiola photo There’s some vendor selling photo originals from a magazine for about $38 apiece. We found a few of King Baudoin and Queen Fabiola of Belgium in unspecified diplomatic actvities. Does anyone know what they’re doing here? Is that a backgammon board? They are all clearly enthralled. Best part? She’s wearing the Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara, one of our personal favorites.

Baudouin and Fabiola at the museum

If owning a photo of someone in a tiara isn’t a sufficient replacement for owning one, you can have this photo of the King & Queen visiting a museum…somewhere in Asia, we’re guessing.

authentication stamp on reverse side of photoThere are 125 pages of photos for sale on this vendor’s page…all of whch are aparently originals from a magazine. Your Blog Hostess does not have the time to page through the hundreds of originals…not all of them of royals. The vendor does include an image of the dorsal side to prove authenticity. So if you’re in the market, I guess it’s the real deal.

This isn’t an endorsement as we’re not being paid. We just found it hilarious. What would one do with a random photo of Fabiola & Baudoin?

Oh random crap you can find on Amazon.

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  1. Photoshop ones self in and strategically place it in a frame inside your house. Then simply NAME DROP.

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