tiara time: the Océan Tiara

Soon, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabrielle will be headed home from the hospital. The next big milestone for the Royal Twins of Monaco will be January 7th when Papá Albert II and Mamán Charlene will present them to the public from the palace balcony.

Submitted for your opinion, yet another wedding gift from Albert II of Monaco for his betrothed, Charlene Wittstock, the Océan Tiara, sometimes called the Ocean Spray Tiara. Anyone seeing a pattern in Princess Charlene’s tiara names?

ocean tiara

How could we possibly commemorate the birth of the royal twins with a single Tiara Time?  Something this momentous mandates a Tiara Two-fer! The likes of which we haven’t had  since the Aquamarine Bandeaux of Luxembourg and Sweden’s “the Cyclops” and those commemorated nothing beyond similar nomenclature. So…

How great are these new tiaras? Not only do they come with videos, detailing the entire process, this particular clip has done our entire job for us! Now you know how many diamonds, sapphires and total carats of each there are. And we thought the Linley Wooden Tiara was going to be easy. HA! If you’d like, we can regurgitate what you just saw in the video, but doesn’t that seem awfully pedantic? It has subtitles for the love of Pete…

so you’ll be blessed with our opinions instead…

ocean tiara detailWe do adore the fact that they used 3 different shades of sapphires to represent “the different waters of the different oceans.” Blue is our favorite color but what your Blog Hostess sees is the variation in the water itself as the tides undulate under the sun and clouds of a shoreline sky. We get cheezily poetic when it comes to the sea. Picses, you know. If we tried half an iota, we could probably write you a really nice Petrarchan sonnet about the sea but you’re here for the bling.

ocean tiara necklace form

The Océan Tiara is (1) much more beautiful than the Diamond Foam Aigrette (2) much more reminiscent of the ocean and (3) much more regal. The Diamond Foam is one of those “civilian tiaras,” shall we say? Most of the baubles featured here, though we may covet them, come with the caveat, “when/where would I ever wear that?” Not so with the Diamond Foam. You could totally dress that shit down. Don’t believe us? Check out the ax-job Princess Charlene gave the Diamond Foam Aigrette in the debut at the post-wedding gala. UGH.

van cleef and arpels ocean spray necklace detailMany have speculated that the necklace form is how the Océan Tiara was intended to be worn. In this “inverted form” it most imitates the ocean’s tides wth the sapphires on the bottom and the white diamonds on top, We shun this theory. Necklace my ass! It’s called “Tiara Time” for a reason! The colors look lovely inside-out or upside down thus making the true crime the Saturn-Retrograde infrequency with which Charlene of Monaco dons this magisterial diadem. BOO! We’d wear it down to the local grocery to grab milk and a baguette! Priorities people! 

Instead of wearing the Van Cleef & Arpels work of art, the tiara was displayed in an exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco from July to November 2011. Ballsy! It’s just out in the open there for Flipper to filch while his trainer goes for more mackerel.

ocean tiara on display

“See, kids. Told you the display case is haunted. The invisible lady is looking right at you!”

The “halo of the sea” was allowed shore leave from its display case in August 2011, when Princess Charlene finally premiered the Océan, albeit as a necklace, at the annual Red Cross Ball.

princess charlene ocean tiara necklace 2011 red cross ball

Finally! She wore the darn thing as a tiara for a photo shoot in “Hola!” magazine in April 2014. There have been weddings in-between 2011 and this past April. Why was this the appropriate time?

ocean tiara princess charlene hola magazine

Owning a diadem so eye-popping, how can you choose to wear it first for a photo shoot..for HOLA! nonetheless! It’s not like she was sprawling for Vanity Fair or anything. If you had access to this azure, brilliant bandeau, would you just leave it in the box? I’m not 100% in love with the little gable peak at the apex but we’ll forgive it in light of the overwhelming beauty of the jewel and its craftsmanship.

april 2014 charlene hola magazine

It seems that we’ve come upon a new crop of princesses that eschew the tiara. Kate doesn’t seem to like them either…am I out of my skull here?

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4 Responses to tiara time: the Océan Tiara

  1. Angelyn says:

    Gorgeous tiara! Big swimmer’s shoulders.


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  3. Anthony Walton says:

    I like these wedding tiara ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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