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That's not how we typically begin a post but we've had stamps on here before as many a Royal Highness' likeness had graced postage paid. To nobody's surprise, the monarch to grace the first stamp ever--in the world--was Queen Victoria. [Although the likeness was fashioned after a bust of the monarch sculpted whilst she was still a princess.]

pence black

Today in 1840 the Two Pence Blue was available for purchase in the United Kingdom, allowing mail up to one ounce to arrive at the address you wrote on this new thing called an envelope….’cos it envelops the contents that can weight up to an ounce. Oh! We’re not even kidding! The stamp and the envelope were invented and issued at the same time. Before the addressee paid upon receiving a package or correspondence. The Two Pence or Two “Penny” Blue was intended to be the first stamp ever along with its half-ounce post counterpart, the Pence Black. (Seen above.)

Two Pence Blue Which tiara is she wearing? The one we’ve come most to associate with stamps and pocket change: the Diamond Diadem that George IV had made for his coronation.

George IV State Diadem

Even though they’ve aged the photos of Queen Elizabeth over the years, she still sticks with the same circlet that worked so well for Queen Vicky…elizabethiistamp

queen elizabeth 1971 stamp


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5 Responses to today in stamps

  1. Lady says:

    The addressee had to pay for the correspondence or mail? What if the sender is an annoying suitor who keeps sending love letters?


  2. Angelyn says:

    I once posted on the George IV crown — that he used his dead daughter’s wedding tiara to make his coronation crown. I remember it because I got dinged for using the wrong pic of the Halo Tiara. Thank heavens for this blog!

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