Palacio Riofrío: his majesty’s sausage factory

Riofrío Palace in Spain

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“Carlos IV in Hunting Gear” painted by Goya in 1799; courtesy Wikipedia

Yet another fact omnipotent Wikipedia missed in the ‘Palacio Riofrío’ entry. Carlos IV of Spain was an accomplished sausage-maker.

staircase inside Palacio Riofrío

 The King of Spain was prolific with his charcuterie output in this Royal residence near Segovia at the foot of la Sierra Madrileña. Interestingly, there exists not one photo of the smokehouse or killing floor that Carlos IV required to indulge his hobby. Face it, if it weren’t him, it’d be the staff doing the slaughtering. Spain adores its pork products. Your Blog Hostess wishes she were kidding.

Even the Petit Hameau had a slaughterhouse, everyone thought it was quaint. I guess Carlos IVs behavior was grudgingly tolerated as he was king. “Quaint” requires the irresistibility [and coin] of the French Bourbons.  Then again, the public despised M@ and much of the court scratched their heads at her “playing shepherdess” amusement park she’d built. So we guess they’re not that different.

Palacio Riofrío was built in the Italian baroque style by Virgilio Rabaglio from 1752-9.

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3 Responses to Palacio Riofrío: his majesty’s sausage factory

  1. Map of Time says:

    When you bequeath me your millions I’m having a home like this constructed for moi.

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  2. Will thrust be making sausage in your home? If you build it by a NJ river, please beware the sharks! 🙂

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    • Map of Time says:

      We will open up a sausage company that operates out of the home and name the company in your honor! (It’s the least we can do since you gave us all of your funds to build the home. We also intend to build a moat and put the sharks in it. Jaws theme)


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