Wils Suspects Charlotte is a Villa Fan, Jury Out on George

princess charlotte football kit

the UK Woman’s Football team presented Prince William with a tiny jersey for daughter, Princess Charlotte, whom is expected to be a Villa fan just like dear ol’ dad.

We won’t even pretend we’re not stoked

Yep. If you know anything at all about your Blog Hostess, she’ll do anything to fit sports into this blog. So today’s one of those A days, indeed.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke with Gary Lineker, most famous these days as the ‘Match of the Day’ presenter in the UK, about Saturday’s upcoming FA Cup final between Arsenal and Wil’s beloved Aston Villa. The “terrified” Duke & new dad will be biting his nails whilst watching live at Wembley, where he will present the trophy. While he’d prefer to hand the hardware to Aston Villa, the Prince spoke soberly about the squad’s journey the past two years, hovering close to relegation.

“I think it’s been an interesting season for Villa…the guys have battled through, they’ve done seriously well. And I’m really excited about Tim [Sherwood’s] leadership, he’s doing a really great job with them.”

Aww. Wouldn’t it be stellar if all fans were so supportive and realistic?

prince william gary lineker

A unique fan he is indeed. The Duke of Cambridge said he became a Villa man at school as an act of individualism. Unlike his classmates, he did not want to follow “run of the mill teams” such as Manchester United or Chelsea. Suck on that Mourinho!

daddy’s girl & the rebel?

Prince William pondered on his tiny children’s prospective football proclivities, “It’ll probably end up being that Charlotte is the Villa fan, and George will go and support someone else.”

Like any father anywhere or any sentimental credit card commercial, William would love to take George to football matches, agreeing it would be “fantastic” if Prince George did turn out to be a Villa supporter. At 22 months, the Prince of Cambridge still might be a bit young to share that “don’t-tell-your-mum” half-time pint that has bonded fathers and sons for time out of mind. Just like any good husband, William utters those classic words, “I’d have to pass it by the Missus first.”

Of course that leaves only one unanswered question. Who is Kate’s team?




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13 Responses to Wils Suspects Charlotte is a Villa Fan, Jury Out on George

  1. Lady says:

    I was wondering which team is Kate’s favourite as I was reading your post. As a sporty girl, she must have a team that she supports, other than England, of course – or so I assume!

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  2. Angelyn says:

    Kate’s bound to be a Chelsea fan–fashionable, young, and like Hazard, gets what she wants.


  3. I’m digging the tiny jersey!

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