pre-wedding mania! Bernadotte Brides Just Rule!

Salutations from the East Coast, Tiara-teers! [Yeah, that’s your new moniker, we like it but are accepting hate mail.] In a startling turn of events, your Blog Hostess has a scheduling conflict with the Swedish #RoyalWedding2015 and an antique car show she promised her dear daddy to attend. [If you’re interested in classic MGs with bad-ass rebuilt engines, let us know & we’ll post a picture for y’all.]

Anywho, that’s the long way of saying we haven’t got time to do a full post retrospect of Bernadotte brides and just how unmitigated their awesomeness is. It’s no secret that the Swedish Royal Family is my favorite so here’s a little slideshow retrospect of Bernadotte Brides of the past. We do beg your apologies for such a slapdash post. Remember, you can always read up on the quintessential Bernadotte wedding diadem: the Cameo Tiara, if you’ve nothing else to do.

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4 Responses to pre-wedding mania! Bernadotte Brides Just Rule!

  1. Angelyn says:

    They all look so very proper in their tiaras. Why not a real Desiree Clary every now and then?

    Desiree Clary: [shouting over an icy wind as they dock in Stockholm] I hope we get indoors soon, Jean-Baptiste! I’ve worn all my warmest underthings and I’m still freezing!
    [Her husband raises his eyebrows, a bit shocked but obviously amused]
    Desiree Clary: Don’t worry, no one’s going to pull up my skirts and look!

    A commoner worthy of a tiara.

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  2. I love the picture that you included of Crown Princess Victoria. She looks over the moon more so than any other royal bride that I have ever seen!! I love watching her wedding, because she looks like a commoner who is head over heels in love with her groom. It always makes me smile. Thank you so much!!

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