tiara update! Chamuet Belle Epoque Kokoshnik of the Westminsters no Longer Part of the Collection

chamuet blue enamel kokoshnik tiara

the most unique tiara in the illustrious Westminster tiara collection no longer belongs to the Duke & Duchess

Yesterday at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction, the Chamuet Belle Époque Kokoshnik was sold in Geneva for $676,104 USD (€625,182) surpassing–yet again–the expectations set between $370,000 – $530,000.westminster blue enamel kokoshnik tiara

It is no longer part of the tooth-grindingly enviable Westminster Tiara Collection. Your Blog Hostess was initially shocked that the Duke & Duchess’ let this one go. They’ve sold two others via Christie’s: the Halo Tiara and the Rosebery Tiara. Honestly, I’d let the Rosebery go too. I find it hideous.

The Rosenborg Kokoshnik was given up not to mention, then again that combo’s difficult to wear. Princess Margaret’s signature halo, the Poltimore was also let go by the Viscount & Viscountess of Linley. It seems as if certain families just can’t justify owning a tiara. The 6th and current Duke of Manchester inherited a f*ckload of stuff including inheritance tax, we recall hearing the same about the Linleys.  There looms the more dismal realization: there are simply are no tiara events left any more. Given tiaras are wildly overpaid for at auction, why not take the money?  Rest assured, we wouldn’t.

chamuet kokoshnik centre

before we’d heard that the enamel was so fine it mimicked a kokoshnik’s fabric in an Oscar-caliber role, now we can see it!

Irrevocably the most astounding fact for any of us tiara-teers is the treat of the highest resolution images of the blue, enamel kokoshnik since the 70s! Huzzah! Let’s wallow!

This Belle Époque masterpiece had been in the Westminster family since 1911, when the 2nd Duke of Westminster commissioned a tiara from Chamuet in anticipation for all the festivites surrounding the Coronation of George V and Mary of Teck. Chamuet was the natural choice  firstly as the Duchess of Westminster–real name Constance but known as Shelagh–actually had a room to herself in the Vendrôme showroom. Bitch!

chamuet belle epoque kokoshnik tiaraWe swear (at her) for emphasis because Chamuet’s specialty was tiaras…at least back then. Could you imagine? Audible sigh. From the frame to those tiny forget-me-not chains is made of platinum and diamonds. Did you know platinum tiaras weigh much less than gold or silver?  Jewellers dismantled huge gold Victorian-style tiaras for the much less migraine-inducing, new magic metal. (Did you ever stop to think how heavy the Leuchtenberg Sapphires are to wear for an evening? Silvia must do mad Pilates!)

The Belle Epoch Kokoshnik was the 3rd of the famed Westminster Tiara collection to be auctioned off at Christie’s. The Halo Tiara and the Rosebery Tiara also ventured off on their own via this auction house.


Click to read the original article on the Chamuet Belle Epoque Kokoshnik tiara

photo credits and additional information: Christies.com


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13 Responses to tiara update! Chamuet Belle Epoque Kokoshnik of the Westminsters no Longer Part of the Collection

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  2. racurac2 says:

    It is very funny the way sometimes inheritances are more a problem than a blessing heheheheheh! This tiara is a dream: looks like a yummy croissant made in heaven!


  3. Angelyn says:

    Mad pilates and a bitch–what more can a tiara invoke? I’m on the floor laughing!


  4. Lady says:

    It’s sooooo beautiful! I want it for myself. 😀 Wonder if the lucky new owner will be wearing that tiara in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. e1aine says:

    My friends and I wear tiaras once a year and go out in a foreign city. We get lots of attention from those who are curious or think it is a hen night, great fun. However I have never worn one this beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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