15 minutes with Empress Farah

Hey Kids! While your Blog Hostess composes tomorrow’s post, check out this old 60 Minutes segment featuring Empress Farah of Iran whilst the Shah was still in power. It’s a fabulous way to spend 14-some-0dd minutes.

What did you think of the questions he asked Farah? Do you think some of them were inappropriate or simply a question they’d only ask in America? Is that what makes them ‘inappropriate?’ heee.

We were a bit shocked when they called her ‘a former chubby architectural student.’ Guess that’s the media version of a backhanded compliment. [We remember they said something in the same vein about Queen Fabiola…]

Overall, we found Farah to be incredibly personable, sincere and well-spoken. Her English isn’t flawless–like that’s a fair standard–but she has quite an impressive vocabulary. [Ugh. That’s so English teacher of us! At least we’re not correcting the characters’ grammar on a TV show. Your Blog Hostess does that a ton.] The Shahbanu must have been terribly astute.

What do you think of Farah and how she expresses herself? Do you think 60 Minutes gave an impartial view?

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4 Responses to 15 minutes with Empress Farah

  1. Angelyn says:

    Fascinating clip–she had many admirers, and garnered many enemies.

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  2. Susan Ti says:

    Holy wife. ? Love that crown.


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