Royal Baby Update: Prince Oscar of Sweden


21 gun salute for Princess Estelle's birth in 2012

To update what we so briefly gleaned yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden gave birth to a prince, now third-in-line to the throne. This morning, while we Americans were deep in REM, the royal baby’s name was announced: Prince Oscar. In Stockholm, a te deum was held at noon [still sleeping here!] as well as the same 21-gun salute that hailed the birth of Princess Estelle in 2012.

Prince Daniel of Sweden holding his daughter, Princess Estelle

Prince Daniel holding Princess Estelle in 2012.

The first photo of the new Prince Oscar was also released while your Blog Hostess was snoozing. We are really coming off narcoleptic in this post…

the crown princely family of sweden

and Prince Oscar makes 4!

See, this is why your Blog Hostess loves the Swedish Royals most of all. There was no

Crown Princess Victoria 2016 Nobel Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden trés encinté and fabulous at the Nobel Prizes

personal hair and make-up artist snuck in through the back door a-la-Kate Middleton to make the new mom look perfect and promote her as a fashion icon. It’s just a nice candid shot of a family. A big sister meeting her baby brother for the first time. [Nostalgic flashback when they brought Brother Blog Hostess home when I was three.] Victoria looks fabulous without going that Duchess of Cambridge route. It just makes me wonder what Middleton looks like without hours of professional primping. Yeah, I said it. Come get me.

At last night’s press conference, Prince Daniel said a name had already been decided but it would not be public knowledge until a cabinet meeting to determine the spare heir’s title was held. This morning, both name and title were announced, Prince Oscar Karl Olof, Duke of Skåne.

Though your Blog Hostess wouldn’t know where to begin looking for Skåne on a map of Sweden, the new Princely Duke’s name struck us as incredibly appropriate. Olof is Prince Daniel’s real first name and Karl being his grandpa and current king’s first name. Oscar being the most appropriate recalling his great Bernadotte ancestors Oscar I and Oscar II, Kings of Sweden and Norway.

prince oscar of sweden's name sakes

(L to R) Oscar I, Oscar II, Carl XVI Gustav, Prince (Olaf) Daniel

And no, we have no clue about the bunny ears. Can somebody else explain that?

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7 Responses to Royal Baby Update: Prince Oscar of Sweden

  1. Angelyn says:

    That is so true–just a candid family photo. Guess the Swedes have a lot less riding on appearances.

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  2. Bunny Ears, due to lost bet/wager.

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  3. I am not a royal member more of long lost family member who inherited estate of a dead ringer for King George V, his son Philip Edward Jehle Romanov, not England. Love your voice, love you because no other is like you. I have no other like me, my heritage trust or federal reserve funds secure my nation’s economic stability. Simply put I secure USA economic factors, upon my death US Treasury gets my inheritance from Philip. We choose our duty or we choose our selfish greed. I choose to support democracy. No nation would want me as king, except The State of Israel granted my citizenship and I am greatful. So every cent of federal reserve funds go to nation who protects Israel. If I were coronated, I would have been King David of Judea. As no kingdom exists no point in further hiding myself, fear only leads to hidden truths or lies. Funny thing I am last in line but inherited accounts, mineral rights, corporate dividends, I never wanted any of it. Upon my death charity will be given a windfall. Federal Reserve refuses to grant access to my account, referres to my incompetence of governance of my estate – no one would be willing to pay taxation except me, so they decided I am incompetent. Our duty as nobility is to serve our subjects needs not our selfish greed, if this is not agreed abolishment of monarchies in my opinion.

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    • Wow…I’m not sure where to start. First of all, thank you for such flattering words


    • We are of the same opinion! I feel monarchies have served their purpose and it’s time for them to go. They can keep their private money, use their titles where permitted–certainly not here in the US of course! And if they want all the privileges that ruling entails, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry some commoner for love. Marrying your 1st cousin who is at least of noble birth because she’s part of that “divine right.” If not, their argument to rule is void…

      I’m so happy you came by to comment. Please tell us more about yourself.


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