drooling dimanches: big 3 necklace


15 march 2016 Sotheby's Fine Jewels Auction lot 309

our excuse for not posting this week

For obvious reasons, we frequently wastes hours ogling the auction house catalogues, trolling for tiaras that are coming to the block. I guess it’s the closest thing that will come to watching porn for your Blog Hostess. No, you sick-minded freaks, your Blog Hostess’ hands are always on the keyboard. Yeesh! Get your heads out of the gutter. We spent hours looking at all of the three hundred-plus lots for the upcoming London Fine Jewels auction, often burbling out loud, “Oh my LORD! Look at this!” Naturally, our “Need-This-Or-I’ll-Die” list is quite immense at this point. Long story short: we were looking at jewelry instead of writing.

For the Sotheby’s London Auction coming up on 15 march 2016, we came across 3 tiaras of no historic provenance and questionable condition [stay tuned] None of them even compared to what We’re calling the “Big Three Necklace.” Get ready to do your best my-jaw-dropped jewelry dance. It features all of the “Big 3” envious gems: emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Note the diamonds tucked in-between the blossoms and leaves.

best necklace ever!

Sotheby’s describes the lot #309 necklace as such:

Set with sapphires, emeralds and rubies carved with foliate designs, accented with brilliant-cut diamonds, length approximately 410mm.

Rubies of dark purplish red, sapphires medium blue, emeralds medium green, each transparent/translucent, surface reaching fissures to some, minor scratches and abrasions consistent with wear. Diamonds bright and lively.

Sapphire, ruby and emerald necklace

Couldn’t you just die! Now you see why we invented a theme day: Drooling Dimanche! And doesn’t it just sound better in French? The delicate, foliate carving reminds us of the Delhi Durbar Parure Brooch the Maharani of Patiala presented to Queen Mary on behalf of all of India in 1911. (See spectacular green object, below right.)durbar delhi brooch, a carved emerald surrounded by diamond

Although not labelled as a satouir, it seems to have the heft to call it so. Sotheby’s estimates it will fetch between £10,000 and £12,ooo ($14-$17,000 USD). There was no mention of the jeweler nor the year this bauble was made.

Call us presumptuous but your Blog Hostess can’t imagine this beauty not fitting in to any girls’ jewelry wheelhouse.

Then again, we’ve been wrong before.

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